Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Shopping.

I ended up spending most of my Sunday lazing around with the boyfriend until he went to work. Then I picked up and headed off to the nicer mall in the area. I scoped some alternatives to my flat, over the knee boots because I'm still not in love with them, but didn't find much. Of course, I hit up Charlotte Russe (although I never seem to find much there I like that much) and the huge F21. They didn't have the booties I mentioned before, and after some advice confirming my belief that F21 shoes are the devil, I've sadly let that idea go for now.

I did score some cute new skirts. They're basic enough to use over and over, and were very cheap, so they fit my shopping rules for the moment. I was too lazy to redo hair and makeup, so here are some cropped photos...

This also features my new basic blazer (it looks slightly odd here, but it's pretty damn classy). I got it for half off at TJ Maxx. It also features that blue v-neck tee that I gushed about before. I wear the thing an obscene amount.

This is what the skirt looks like when not swallowed by blazer.

This one is very satin-y and from the F21 Twisted line that I scored the gray and black dress from. I'm going to try it with a striped button-up style shirt tomorrow. Rawk.

The one thing that really sucks about my beloved, cheap, guilty pleasure F21 is that in their tops and some dresses, I'm a medium, sometimes a large. But I'm lucky if I fit into their size large skirts. The skirts usually only work if I can hike them up a bit to my very narrow natural waistline (see above). I'd be more comfortable in their non-existent extra large size. I don't think of myself as huge... I'm not sure why their sizing is so small and ridiculous. Anyway, the point of this rant is that my birthing hips cheated me out of this skirt:

I snapped some shots of it, but they're really blurry. I couldn't zip it up, but if I held it together I could see how adorably it peeked out from the bottom of my clothes. Very flapper. I was smitten, but it was not to be.

My current goals are to scale back on shopping (I've been going a bit nuts lately), to focus on basics when I do shop, and to make a decision about my boots. I also want to start getting more creative with the clothes I do have, and to ditch the clothes I never wear- my closets are bursting.


  1. F21 pisses me off with their sizing. I'm all over the place in there. I can wear a small on top (because I have no chest), but a medium is more comfortable. And I also have to wear a large in skirts. It baffles me to no end because at a "normal" store, I wear a size 6. Sigh.

    Your skirts are adorable! I tried on a few things there this weekend, but couldn't make a purchase - everything was obscenely short on me!

  2. The bubble skirt looks so cute dressed down with the tee and blazer, and I love the lace on the second one.

    Sizing is truly awful at forever 21. I can wear a small, medium, or large depending on the cut and material. It's also nearly impossible to find something you like in a size up or down. So many things there are strangely one of a kind.

    And I don't think their "plus" line exists in B&M stores. At least not that I've seen in the ones near me.

  3. Oh Forever 21....We don't have those is Toronto so I will never know the love/hate emotional roller coaster that all you women seem to be on. We do have stores like it but it seems to be a different animal all together. I love your blog! I love the title :) I'll be back often
    -Onika (

  4. I love both your skirts. They are adorable! I know what you mean though about needing to scale back on shopping. F21 and Charlotte Russe may be cheap, but all the purchases do add up...sigh. ;)

  5. I love both of these skirts so much! Especially the one with the t and blazer. I wish I had an F21 nearby. I think you get the most out of a store like that when you can frequent it. The nearest one to me is 3+ hours away. :(


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