Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gaultier for Target.

So I may or may not have gotten caught up in the Gaultier for Target hype. What I really want is the Zac Posen collection, but until then I've been biding my time, salivating over Gaultier's yellow dress:

I didn't buy it online, but instead chose to trek out on Sunday to the ONLY Target in the state of Kansas that sold the collection.

I agree with the majority of the reviewers- big disappointment. This dress, as well as a few of the others, were made of some weird, plasticy, cheap fabric. It was really awful. It was also a dirty mustard color in real life. Ick. I did, however, try on its sister dress in the floral print. That was the dress that originally interested me in the collection. I realized I had my new phone's camera on me, so I snapped a few photos. I had more pictures of some cool pieces (the anchor top, and the really nice leather jacket) but they were accidentally deleted. I'd recommend checking those items out.

I love a lot of things about this dress. The top is very revealing and not for anyone with a semblance of girls. But I'm a fan of it. I also love what many hated- the netting under the skirt that made it so poofy. The pattern was a bit blah.



This is me poofing up the skirt to appear pregnant- something this dress kind of hinted at anyway. Awful lot of skin on top, am I right? (The appearance of my ribs here is extremely exaggerated. It even freaked me out a bit when I first saw it! Lighting trick.)

I also tried on this blue shirt, which made me feel like a Samantha from Sex and the City with a bit of a tummy. And an obviously lacy bra under thin fabric. Pass.


This is my awkward gold penis/drawstring.

I ended up buying the floral dress, as I was kind of torn about it and there was only one in my size- again, in the state of Kansas (thanks for ignoring the Midwest again, guys). I feel it’s too revealing for day wear, and too flowery and girly for going out to bars in. I’m going to play with layering it, but there’s a good chance this baby will have to be returned if I can’t work it into my wardrobe.

Overall, there were two or three nice pieces to this collection and the rest was pretty awful in execution. I’d highly recommend checking it out in person before buying anything (not like online is much of an option - it was released Sunday at midnight and by noon on Sunday was mostly sold out).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland.

I don't care if you love, hate, or are truly terrified of Alice in Wonderland. You should go see it immediately. I loved the movie (was never a big fan of the story before), but what you really need to see are the costumes! I took poor Matt with me and I'm sure he left with bruises on his arm because I grabbed it so many times. "Look at that dress!" Alice's wardrobe absolutely geeked me out. I can't say enough how stunning I found the majority of her costumes. I tried in vain to scope out my favorites online, though I did find this one:

It's so much more stunning and complicated on the screen. I found these two photos as well:

... but they're kid stuff compared to what you'll find in the movie.

In the interest of not spoiling the movie, I won't even describe them ("When Alice is in *** ***** ***, she wears this dress covered in ****** because of the ***** **** theme."). But go see it! I haven't felt that giddy about clothing in a long time. The things I would do to own one of those dresses are truly deplorable. I could easily see any of her more elaborate costumes going down a runway and flying off racks. If I had the ocassion and means, you'd best believe I'd have my favorite one(s) recreated and hit the red carpet. No shame.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purse Archaeology.

A member of another website I frequent posted a picture of the contents of her purse, spilling out car keys, Playdoh and books about mermaids. I thought this was a really cool idea, as it showed a little snapshot of her daily life and the things that helped her get through it. I have a suspicion that this idea is not new, and internet scouring would reveal some truly cool purse contents. I thought the idea was so fun that I dumped out my new bag and took a quick snap of the contents with my phone.

The real life savers here are my handy mini-USB cable, Moleskine planner and my GPS. Skittles and newly printed Walmart photos of my family, of course. And birth control- why not? No shame in being careful ladies.
My Modcloth necklace arrived, and I have to say I'm not thrilled with it. It's likely going back. The leaves are pretty enough, but the necklace feels really cheap. I didn't expect solid gold for $19.99, but I did hope to get something a little more substantial and nice-looking. It's better than something you'd get out of a machine for a quarter, but not much.

Coming as a surprise to no one, I also caved last week and bought a pair of booties that I'd been eyeing at Modcloth and featured in my last post. I'm much happier with them. I've been playing around with them, trying to decide if I like them and will wear them enough to justify the $95. Any time I buy a new pair of shoes, especially ones that cost over $50, I spend a lot of time playing with them and evaluating before I wear them outside and scuff the sole. It's all part of my own special brand of crazy. I'll be sure to post pictures if they stick around.
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