Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gaultier for Target.

So I may or may not have gotten caught up in the Gaultier for Target hype. What I really want is the Zac Posen collection, but until then I've been biding my time, salivating over Gaultier's yellow dress:

I didn't buy it online, but instead chose to trek out on Sunday to the ONLY Target in the state of Kansas that sold the collection.

I agree with the majority of the reviewers- big disappointment. This dress, as well as a few of the others, were made of some weird, plasticy, cheap fabric. It was really awful. It was also a dirty mustard color in real life. Ick. I did, however, try on its sister dress in the floral print. That was the dress that originally interested me in the collection. I realized I had my new phone's camera on me, so I snapped a few photos. I had more pictures of some cool pieces (the anchor top, and the really nice leather jacket) but they were accidentally deleted. I'd recommend checking those items out.

I love a lot of things about this dress. The top is very revealing and not for anyone with a semblance of girls. But I'm a fan of it. I also love what many hated- the netting under the skirt that made it so poofy. The pattern was a bit blah.



This is me poofing up the skirt to appear pregnant- something this dress kind of hinted at anyway. Awful lot of skin on top, am I right? (The appearance of my ribs here is extremely exaggerated. It even freaked me out a bit when I first saw it! Lighting trick.)

I also tried on this blue shirt, which made me feel like a Samantha from Sex and the City with a bit of a tummy. And an obviously lacy bra under thin fabric. Pass.


This is my awkward gold penis/drawstring.

I ended up buying the floral dress, as I was kind of torn about it and there was only one in my size- again, in the state of Kansas (thanks for ignoring the Midwest again, guys). I feel it’s too revealing for day wear, and too flowery and girly for going out to bars in. I’m going to play with layering it, but there’s a good chance this baby will have to be returned if I can’t work it into my wardrobe.

Overall, there were two or three nice pieces to this collection and the rest was pretty awful in execution. I’d highly recommend checking it out in person before buying anything (not like online is much of an option - it was released Sunday at midnight and by noon on Sunday was mostly sold out).


  1. Yeah I have always been really disappointed with the designer collaborations with Target. I mean, I think it's awesome that they are doing it, but unfortunately the quality and designs are so cheap and totally not worth it. I guess its better in concept than in reality. Plus, I've always felt Target's regular clothes were way cuter than the designer collaboration stuff anyway.

    But that floral dress does look lovely on you. That was a lucky find!

  2. Booo to the fact that the yellow dress was a dud in real life. The floral dress is hot though, I'm a sucker for a surprise low back.
    You asked about my painful Steve Madden shoes... they actually made me cry at first but I persevered and now they are fine. The stupid little stud on the toe is irritating but nothing compared to the original pain... You show those shoes who is boss!

  3. that is some serious side skin- no wonder the model is wearing a shirt under it!

    you can definitely pull it off though.

    I don't know how I feel about the print, it seems kind of 50's housewife. Is it actually an olive shade, or are the colors more vibrant outside of dressing room florescence?

    Boo for Target not having anything in stock - what is the point of a massive multinational chain if even they can't get the merchandise to the people?

  4. I am really excited about the Posen collection too. When I saw the Gaultier collection in store I just wasn't impressed.

  5. Oh my goodness that dress is sexy!

  6. oh man when I saw that yellow dress I got really excited! ...until you said it was gross in real life haha. Plus I could never pull off a dress that revealing. You owned it though! P.S. I love the title of your blog!

  7. I wen to my Target the other day and they weren't stocking the collection. I really wanted to check out the trench! Boo.

  8. Yeah, I saw it the other day in Target and was dissapointed as well. :( Ah, poo.

  9. This is my kind of post! Makes me want to run over to Target (man do I love that store!).

  10. Hey!
    Two things, first of all I want to give you the 'I ♥ Your Blog award' I'm sorry I didn't list you in the post, I was thinking I passed along the 'best blog award' but i realize now I hadn't because you already had it! Sorry!

    second, Eyeliah of Style Symmetry is having a style challenge contest this week where you must wear an outfit styled by someone else. I was wondering if you would put together an outfit for me. I would of course reciprocate if you wanted and it's fine if you don't want to - I feel like it's kind of a tricky thing do to when you can't actually look in a closet!

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. The floral dress is cute! I agree though with what someone else said, I've never really been too impressed with those designer collections at Target. I do love their regular clothes though! The Target here is pretty nice and I always seem to find lovely things on clearance :)

  12. Hi!
    I just went through outfit post and chose some pieces I hope look good together. It could be an epic fail, so you'll have to let me know!

  13. I'd thought about getting the daisy dress, but I'm glad I didn't. I have a tiny rib cage, and it would have been saggy and sad making my boobs look saggy and sad, which they are not.

    It's uber cute on you. I'm thinking pink heels.

  14. Whats the name of that blue shirt? It's cute on you!


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