Thursday, April 1, 2010

Urban as They Come.

Hello blog! I’ve neglected you horrendously.

I have about 47 things I want to post about once I get a second to snap photos and do research, but for now I wanted to pimp out this sweater.

You may remember a little while ago I was growing increasingly infatuated with a shredded, striped, school-girl-esque sweater on Modcloth? After it hit the sale bin it was around $40- not exactly a steal for something that looked like it may disintegrate in my washing machine (and by my washing machine, I mean one of the machines in my building’s basement, of course).
Today I was cruising the Urban Outfitters online sale rack, as I am short on money for the next few weeks but not short on the urge for new clothes.

Lo and behold, for a meager $19.99:

Now, I prefer the more sharp contrast between the white and black to this grey and black, but I also admit that this would be easier to wash (I have the worst luck with washing black and white items). It’s also obviously not tattered and a bit shorter. But I like the vibe of it. I’m hesitating to buy it, however, with the mental image of horizontal stripes over my wide hips. Hm.

Some other cool stuff I stumbled on (read: am considering buying):








I'm especially vibing on that black cutout dress, but I'm getting a little sick of the exposed zipper thing I once loved so much. Hmmm...


  1. Horizontal stripes can be tricky, but what if you didn't button the cardigan?

    And the BDG cardigan for $15? Buy it right now! It's so cute!
    I also love the cutout tunic, which would be great for you since your hair is short and it would get shown off really well.

    Yes, I got the outfit, and am wearing it now! Your not a jerk! Hahah your poor neglected blog - I completely neglected my blog until you started reading it - you inspired me to post more!

    Your outfit also made me do a bunch of things I have been procrastinating:
    -making darts in the waistband of the shorts - I was just going to keep wearing them with a belt.
    -making my legs look at least somewhat presentable to be with out tights.
    -painting my toe nails.

    So now I've actually accomplished something today, thanks!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Cute finds! I especially love the floral skirt. Good luck with all your shopping. I am so broke these days, I have to forcibly keep myself away from Urban Outfitters or F21. Sigh.

  3. It's about darn time you make your way back, darling! I've missed you!

    And you need the cutout tunic in your life. Just look at that amazing back!

  4. hehe, you and I both decided to post on our neglected blogs today! :) Thanks for the comment on mine!

    And I am really liking the striped Urban cardigan instead of the Modcloth one! I actually really like that it's shorter and I prefer it over the other one. And you could totally leave the cardigan unbuttoned like someone suggested! I usually do that anyways... haha. But I bet you don't have wide hips either... :)

    Love the other finds too! Nice cutout on that tunic.

  5. that "rosie" t-shirt is very very cute. great finds!


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