Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flirtation in Stripes.

Oh shredded Modcloth sweater. Yes, I see you. I see your comfy, thick threads, your tattered holes and your not-so-subtle tugging at my weakness for the English boarding school vibe. You know it is all too easy to get me going with your white and black stripes and casually pushed up sleeves.

I can see you making those eyes at me, casually trotting out the fact that you're on sale now. Half off you say? Of course you are.

I have no idea where I could respectfully take you out. Do your holes look deliberate enough that I could class you up with a girly dress and playful belt and introduce you to my coworkers, or would you just appear frumpy and sloppy? I know my mother wouldn't approve of you. She always prefers when I bring home something more clean cut. If you managed to get dirty over time, and I hinted to you that it was time to clean up... I have a feeling you'd fall apart on me.

You know my wallet has nothing in it but moths and the lingering, accusatory smell of a long vacancy. You know you won't keep me warm on cold days, and I know you'll be all too happy to point out my prominent hips when we're in public.

Yet I can't help but glance over and check you out, biting my lip and imagining how wonderful we could be...


  1. Haha...wonderful and so sadly true.

    It is cute, but even half off $41 seems like a lot of money for something with holes, deliberate or otherwise.

  2. i've been looking for a black-and-white sweater with some scrollwork or other cool pattern, and i see DOZENS of these oversized black/white striped sweaters on every thrifting adventure. say no to pre-made holes and stupidly expensive brand names and find yourself a facsimile in a grandpa sweater for $5!

  3. Sears has a sweater/shirt thing that looks more like a school uniform. It's in the guys section. I forget the name of it, but it's like a sweater with a fake dress shirt under it, with a school looking logo thing on the right chest part.

  4. black stripes on white great thats cool i like that

  5. That sweater is amazing!! So preppy and yet edgy. Sigh. You should buy it. ;)

  6. On first glace, I do think it's adorable. But I'm not sure how I'd handle the rips and holes. The "distressed" trend always seems to fly back out of style almost immediately.


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