Friday, February 12, 2010

Best Thursday Surprise Ever.

I am not a rich girl. I am a 23 year-old editor, and I am paid as such. I don't get the majority of my clothing from second hand stores, sales, and Forever 21 because they are meccas of style, but rather because I'm trying to pay for my cute apartment and save a few dollars while still looking cute.

I was sitting at my cubicle yesterday, typing away at a project, when I saw I had missed a call from my mother. I flipped to her voice mail, figuring she was going to tell me something about my visit this weekend.

"I'm in a Coach outlet store, taking a break on my business trip. I know you're at work and probably won't answer- I just wanted to ask if you'd want a bag? As a Valentine's Day present?"

To stay I was a bit stunned would be an understatement. While my parents are definitely better off than a single 23 year-old editor financially, our cute Valentine's Day traditional gift is usually a movie, maybe a book or a video game.

I called her back immediately (duh), already pulling up the Coach website. Flustered by descriptions and losing much in communication both ways, I finally just told her that I'd want a medium sized, everyday bag in brown leather. I've never been a big fan of the canvas bags with the Coach design. I was so thrown that I called her back a minute later and blurted lamely, "Black leather would be cool too!"

She said she'd see what she could find. She also told me that I have to wait until our family dinner tomorrow for the gift exchange. I'm in the kind of torture only a budget-strapped fashion fan who has a mystery designer purse (her first!) coming to her can truly feel.

Now I'm just guessing guessing guessing. Some of the purses she described aren't on the site, so it's a total mystery. I'm relatively sure delaying in this way is some kind of violation of the Geneva Conventions.


  1. What a wonderful valentines surprise your going to have!!! I agree, the leather bags are so much nicer than the canvas, and black or brown, you definitely carry it every day.

    Can't wait to see it!

  2. Lucky girl! I can't wait to see pics. Congrats on your new Coach bag. :)

  3. coach bag = best valentine's day gift. :D

  4. CONGRATS on the new'll be love at first site - I know it!

  5. What a nice valentine's day and how sweet from your mom :) Can't wait to see the new bag!

  6. I love that third one, its so classy looking

  7. What a lovely surprise! I can't wait to see your new bag!

  8. That's awesome! I too am not a fan of the Coach logo. So cheesy.


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