Friday, April 2, 2010

Faux Issues.

The hardest part of working a job that's entirely on the computer?

My "smoke breaks" can be used as shopping breaks. Which makes saving money nearly impossible. Even if I do survive the designer discount sites and their daily sales, eventually something pops into my head that I've been craving. A new brown leather purse. A basic, sexy pair of black heels. A new pair of dark skinny jeans. They're basics! I need them! Sigh.

Today I searched for leather bags all over the internet. After years of cheapy faux-bags, I've been craving more classic, structured, high quality bags and promised myself that my next would be leather leather leather. Investment piece. None of that faux stuff. Until I saw this "man made leather" bag in a Google search.

I have now almost convinced myself that fake leather would be fine so long as it looks real enough. Right?



  1. Just when you think you've got everything, you suddenly remember something else you desparately need! It's always the way.

    While I am fine with a very beautiful, very real looking synthetic, I draw the line at the price. I hate it when fake leather tries to make itself more important by charging real leather prices!

  2. That is a beautiful bag. However with faux leather, I'd wait to buy one in person. I'd want to feel it to make sure it didn't have that horrible squeaky pleather sound.

  3. YAY she's alive! Love the bag. I do wish it were real leather though! I can imagine real leather bags are big bucks in comparison though! Wishing you luck on your continued quest! :)

  4. donno, I hate knowing that something isn't real. I feel like I'm cheating myself. Nice bag though, it reminds me of one I want by Steve Madden


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