Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recent Successes.

Haven't had a lot to post about lately- a horrible lack of motivation for dressing and quarters for laundry have left me with some pretty basic wardrobe choices. But now that it's getting warm and fresh and spring again, I'm getting all kinds of motivation.

I've been trying to buy less things, and more carefully choose things of quality over things of impulse (which means now I'm buying quality thing impulsively). My two most recent purchases were this floral Jessica Simpson dress and this Fossil purse that I affectionately think of as The Dream Bag.

The Jessica Simpson dress is pretty much perfect. I saw advertised for a sale on, but couldn't get to the actual site because of heavy traffic (never seen that happen before or since- go figure). By the time I did, this dress was sold out.

I eventually began scouring the net and found it two other places- one site for roughly twice the price that Ideeli had, and one for its full price. I decided to suck it up and pay double. Oops- that site ran out of my size before I could close the deal.

Proving how stupidly, feverishly in love with this dress I had become, I ended up paying full price for it. It is soft, sweet, and has pockets and tulle (!!!!!) to poof the skirt a bit. I intend to wear it to every wedding, graduation and baby shower I am invited to for the next 10 years or so. I dressed it down with boots and a cardigan today to wear it to work. Bigtime hit.

The bag is everything I love- slouchy, real leather, brown, and has convertible straps. It's pretty much THE every day bag I've wanted for as long as I can remember. When I stumbled on it on Ebay a few weeks ago, I knew I had found the one. I have found an excuse to wear it every day since.

That is how material goods have fueled my emotional gratification the last few days. Next up- the gladiator sandals I splurged on today...


  1. Wow. You hit the jackpot with these two purchases. That Jessica Simpson dress is GORGEOUS and definitely worth the full price. The colors are stunning.

    And I love your bag! Again, another classic item you will have with you for the next ten years. Those never go out of style and it's good quality too. :)

  2. LOOOOVE the dress and boots combo! you look great! :)

  3. I love that bag. I have been wanting something similar, but in a crazy color like yellow-green. That flowered dress looks so cute on you!

  4. I love the dress so much much much much T_T...

  5. Fantasic buys! That is so the dream bag!!!
    And I adore the dress-- worth it.

  6. The dress was definitely worth the splurge. Like you said, you'll be able to wear it everywhere! And the bag is divine. It looks so smushy and soft!

  7. Wow what a gorgeous dress!
    Sal xXx


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