Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bare Escentuals (Minerals) Review - Worth the Money?

am a very pale girl with sensitive skin. That skin had a long love affair with acne. This has put me on very friendly terms with foundation, even now that the bad acne part of my life appears to be fading. I was a liquid foundation girl for years (coverage coverage) until I was turned on to the Mary Kay powder foundation by my friend Jenna. Prior to Mary Kay, I’d flirted with a few mineral makeups with bad results. They were too dark, too cakey, didn’t cover well.

I love Mary Kay powder foundation because it’s light, it looks natural and if I use enough I can get good coverage from it. I go through it faster than most people because I have to use so much to cover blemishes, and because it's powder it tends to get on everything when I’m applying it. But I’ve been very much in love with it for about a year now.

I’ve been up at 3 a.m. and seen Bare Escentuals commercials, of course. I wondered if that foundation could possibly be as good as they say (better than mine??), but never wanted to fork out the money for it. (To clarify for those confused- it seems that Bare Escentuals is the company, Bare Minerals the product. Same thing though.)

Last week I was on Amazon, looking at buying a new pack of Mary Kay makeup on the cheap (I skip the saleswoman, go straight for those trying to unload- I’m bad) and realized the same system could be exploited for Bare Escentuals. Voila- I got a powder foundation and mineral veil for less than $20 including shipping. The prices seem to vary day by day- I got the foundation for $7.99 and the veil for $1.99.

I tried Bare Escentuals today and in my wordly and studied opinion, it ROCKS. I couldn’t take pictures and show you the difference because my camera isn’t stellar, but my skin looks lovely. I have lingering red marks from past acne that you can still faintly see, so the coverage isn’t absolutely perfect, but my skin looks fantastic otherwise. Mary Kay is awesome enough that I’d still use it if it were significantly cheaper, but if I can continue to get Bare Escentuals for so cheap, I’ll be switching. I use significantly less Bare Escentuals than I did Mary Kay to get the same result, so hopefully the fact that the bottles are tiny won't be a huge issue.


  1. your skin looks lovely indeed! and your eyes....beautiful! i've been using loreal powder for quite a while and just recently switched to a cheaper local brand :D so far so good~

  2. Your skin looks flawless. Getting makeup on amazon is a brilliant idea. I don't know why it never occurred to me before!! I'm cheap and use Cover Girl foundation. It does the job, but it's nothing to brag about. I might actually look into getting some of this Bare Escentuals for myself...

  3. I think you have the same relationship with foundation as I do! Not really bad skin right now, just a few marks and scars and the occassional break out (thats me I'm talking about, your skin looks lovely from your pictures)but the minute you start trying to hide it, it gets worst! I'm an avid fan of Bare Escentuals, I walked past it in Selfridges and have been in love ever since! Plus the fact that if, naughty naughty, you do happen to fall asleep in it your skin is still fine the next day! If you can go for the started pack, it cost me £40 in store but you get two slightly different colour foundations to try, mix, three brushes which cost more than the pack, a bronzer and a 'veil' which make pores magically vanish!

    PS: No I do not work for Bare Essentials, although they should send me some sort of present considering how much I rave about them lol x

  4. I stumbled across your site as I was looking for highlight ideas - bored with my blonde highlights and looking to go red and just wanted to also RAVE about BE - I have been using them for years now and LOVE it - I just however started using their primer and it ROCKS keeps my makeup on ALL DAY!!!!

    Thanks for a great read!

  5. I am a bare minerals girl too, i love it, find it really satsys on all day as well, you got your for a steal price I am going to see if I can do the same :) First time on your blog and I love your style,( also love your date night- going to have ot persuade my squeeze to do something similar!) have a giveaway over on mine and post internationally so feel free to come enter,



  6. Ahh I've been wondering about BE since pregnancy has totally butchered my face.

  7. I love Bare Minerals!! Just wondering...have you tried Proactive Solution for your skin? Let me tell you I hade blemishes and very oily skin and when I used proactive, people were actually complementing my skin!!! they said it glowed. Trust me that is one of the best products I have ever used on my face...I have been thinking of buying it now that I dont have blemishes...so imagine! Great blog! wanna follow each other??


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