Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purse Archaeology.

A member of another website I frequent posted a picture of the contents of her purse, spilling out car keys, Playdoh and books about mermaids. I thought this was a really cool idea, as it showed a little snapshot of her daily life and the things that helped her get through it. I have a suspicion that this idea is not new, and internet scouring would reveal some truly cool purse contents. I thought the idea was so fun that I dumped out my new bag and took a quick snap of the contents with my phone.

The real life savers here are my handy mini-USB cable, Moleskine planner and my GPS. Skittles and newly printed Walmart photos of my family, of course. And birth control- why not? No shame in being careful ladies.
My Modcloth necklace arrived, and I have to say I'm not thrilled with it. It's likely going back. The leaves are pretty enough, but the necklace feels really cheap. I didn't expect solid gold for $19.99, but I did hope to get something a little more substantial and nice-looking. It's better than something you'd get out of a machine for a quarter, but not much.

Coming as a surprise to no one, I also caved last week and bought a pair of booties that I'd been eyeing at Modcloth and featured in my last post. I'm much happier with them. I've been playing around with them, trying to decide if I like them and will wear them enough to justify the $95. Any time I buy a new pair of shoes, especially ones that cost over $50, I spend a lot of time playing with them and evaluating before I wear them outside and scuff the sole. It's all part of my own special brand of crazy. I'll be sure to post pictures if they stick around.


  1. This went around once at the forum I go to alot! Such a cool idea. I will do it sometime when I'm not toting diapers, pacifiers or bottles in my purse, ha haha!

  2. You have good content for a purse post. I might do this later, when I throw all the crap out of my purse. I have a lot of gum wrappers and useless receipts piled up. Argh.

    I'm sorry about your leaf necklace. It's a shame it was so cheaply made. I would expect more from Modcloth, so that surprises me. And $20 is not cheap by any means...

    Those boots are cute as well. I know what you mean about being careful about when/where to wear them. When I buy a pair of shoes over $50 I specifically wear them on days I know I won't be doing a ton of walking or there will be rain/snow. :)

    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment regarding my depressing situation. It means a lot.

    If you ever want to grab coffee some time, let me know. I live by the Whole Foods in OP. Not sure if that's anywhere remotely near you.

  3. I love your little orange moleskine! I tried carrying one for a while, but it was too much dead weight - now i just leave notes and lists on my iphone.

    Too bad about the leaf necklace, I expect more from mod cloth!!
    and speaking of modcloth, i am currently in a dilemma, this yellow 'with a dream' cardigan has one left in stock. One. It's $50, which is more than I would like to spend on an acrylic sweater, but it's so cute! What to do??

  4. I love when bloggers do this's a little voyeurish but still love it.

  5. Aw, sorry to hear about your Modcloth necklace.

    I've actually never ordered anything from them, but I do look at the site an awful lot! haha. And those little boots are quite cute :)

    I like your little purse "archaeology" too! I remember seeing people do the "what's in your purse" thing on Youtube as well. I've never done it because mine's not particularly exciting ;)

    And thank you for checking back with my blog! I know it's been quite a while, and I'm glad to see people haven't completely abandoned it. :) Hope you're doing well!

  6. I'm such a voyeur - I love purse content photos and closet photos! I'm sad to learn you don't like the necklace. It looked so cute online! Thank goodness the boots make you giddy!

    Hope you're well, m'dear!


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