Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Date Night.

So it's date night, and I ran home from work early to catch dinner and a movie with the boyfriend. Unfortunately, my blog perusing on my lunch break led me to this really quirky, fun American Apparel dress on Orchid Grey. I figured it would be perfect for date night, and of course, I had nothing to wear.

By the time I stopped off, bought it, got home and styled it, we were running late. Matt had generously offered to see Coco Before Chanel because he knew I was dying to, but we later decided to skip the movie and just take our time at the restaurant. We're going to the movie tomorrow- I can't wait. I loved the Chanel biopic that was on tv a few months ago.

This is the dress, hastily styled. I think the tights don't really work here, and I wanted more color altogether. I was already slowing us down, however, and tried to compromise by only trying the outfit three or four ways before settling on this. Hah. You can see my red rain boots in the picture... I've definitely grown to love them.

Ah well, lots of time to work on it. The dress itself is just a shirt-dress- the lace underneath is me layering that black F21 skirt I got a few weeks ago for modesty. Matt gets a patience medal for not having a brain aneurysm when I finally came home with the dress, put something together, headed for the door and said, "Wait- can you take some pictures? I always forget to take pictures for my blog."

Double points for not freaking out when I rejected 90% because they were too blurry. He patiently took more until I called 'good enough' and we went out.

The end.


  1. I'm impressed with your ability to find something online, buy it and wear it all in the same day!

    I think the lace skirt underneath was a great choice, and I'd love to see it with a thin red belt.

  2. I love this! It's quirky and interesting, yet still conservative. Maybe try a brighter tight next time since you were looking for more color, right? A fuchsia maybe.

  3. Hahaha!! that's so funny. I do that to my husband alllll the time and he complains so much. :]:] cute story! cute outfit!

  4. I think this is pretty cute! I like the idea above to pair it with a red belt or a pair of bright tights.

  5. Haha sounds like me and my Hubby!!

    Sal xXx

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