Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hair and Boots.

I got the red rain boots today. I don't know. I'm not smitten. They are the shoe equivalent of the hot guy in the dark bar who isn't as cute as you remember on next week's date. They're not awful though. Maybe they have a great personality.
I'm staring at them, sitting on the floor next to my computer chair (read: dining room chair pulled in front of the computer). They look a bit defeated. I haven't decided to return them just yet. Possibly because it's raining hellishly outside and my socks are wet. Might still order those Charlotte Russe ones when I get paid and see how they do. I guess for about $20, it's just better to hang on to them and play around with them. I think the issue is that they're still kinda stumpy and short looking. Not the veritable riding boot of rubber I had imagined.

In other news, I'm coloring my hair. I have only ventured as far as highlights my entire life. Last week I decided to branch out, and plopped a pretty penny (alliteration!) down for a color that turned out almost the same as what I went in with. HairGuy has politely offered to redo it. I'm thinking of going from this:

Which is actually less blonde-looking than it is in real life (due to the fact that I'm standing in one of those dark bars mentioned earlier), to something like this:

I like Cameron's color the most, and the idea of lighter chunks in it like Miss Punksalot has here. Probably going to stick with the caramel colors versus the blonde though, as I'm going into a more corporate office soon. I include Michelle Trachtenberg even though her hair is a bit dark just because I'm pumped at how dark hair might look on my super pale skin.

Wish me luck!


  1. I love the comparison of rain boots to men. Cuz really, they're all accessories ;-)

  2. the color is fabulous. we don't have much chance to wear rain boots here in socal.


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