Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seriously, New Years.

When I said I originally wanted to go crazy with sequins for New Years, I was not kidding. I haven't settled on the dress I want just yet, though the black and gray one I featured before is still my strongest contender.

These, however, kick my sweet little dress's ass.

It is brutally unfair how cool and how "me" these dresses are. I'm picturing them with thick black tights, black strappy shoes, possibly a white slouchy sweater for some December warmth, and an orange bag, perhaps big enough to stuff the sweater in when I go into the warm bar areas. I guess I could also layer a thin sweater underneath. Ugh, how cold weather cramps my sequined minidress style.

This event is centered in a street with lots of bars on it. The show will take place on a big stage in the street, with people wandering in and out of bars. Freezing outside, really warm inside. It's a wardrobe challenge, to be sure.

The black and gray dress is my backup, but consider me still on the hunt.


  1. Stitch a sequin on anything, and I'm game.

  2. i will take the first dress please.

  3. So I tried to comment of my fav option from the last New Years' post, but for some reason blogger was being mean.

    Anyways, you've got some really great options for a celebratory night. Personally, having alternatives & feeling like I've 'done my homework', so to speak, makes me feel that much more confident with the final approved out fit.

    You're bound to look fabulous!

  4. I love that long-sleeved blue sequin dress. Gorgeousness! Perfect for a winter party or something...

  5. Wow - you really made it through my blog today!

    I love the invite-only sales. They're so darn tempting. Here are the invites for others:
    Ideeli: www.ideeli.com/invite/jessicahamm
    Haute Look: www.hautelook.com/invite/781021
    One Kings Lane (interior decorating, but I never find anything to buy): send me your e-mail address and I'll send an invite.

    Make your own DIY Louboutin petal heels and post photos - I'd love to see someone else's results!

    And aren't those Ugg boots amazing?

    Thank you again for all of the sweet comments! You really made my day!

  6. Oh, love the first one! Can you PLEASE tell me were to get the first one? Hope it's from internet! I live in Sweden.....
    please?! amanda.koskela@hotmail.com


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