Monday, October 26, 2009

Weak Willed.

Okay, I promised myself I would try and avoid Sex and the City entries like the plague. I do love the show, and obviously it inspired the name for my blog, but I don’t consider myself one of the more rabid fans. Nor do I appreciate the stereotypes that come with the fandom (LABELS!!! BOYS!!!!). I figured it was best to just avoid SATC topics until I’d fleshed out this blog a bit.

Of course, that plan was dashed. But it wasn’t really my fault!

Last night while at Blockbuster, The Boyfriend wanted to show his appreciation for my watching (okay, taking a nap during) his football game with him. Wandering the aisles for a “me” movie for us to watch, he pointed to the SATC movie and said, “You know, I would watch that with you. I should see it anyway- the show was pretty good.” Then he decided that wasn’t enough, and bought me the BlueRay copy for my very own. Yes, we’re keeping him.

Even after the love affair that is watching that film (in high def, no less), I still wasn’t going to blog about any of the things it stirred up in my head. Not even the awesome pink shell dress Carrie wears with the black studded belt and heels.

But it really isn’t my fault that while surfing the Target site for a Polyvore set, I came across this dress on sale:

While it's of course not a perfect match, I think with accessories it could give a decently similar vibe (though the A-line skirt will make it lose some of its edge). The front is more similar than the back of course:

In looking for the Carrie photo, I actually found this blog entry that offered a version of the dress and belt that is much closer. This blogger says that the pearls Carrie rocks don't work, but I wholeheartedly disagree.

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