Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Years Already?

So, my boyfriend is a rockstar.

His band, usually slated to play New Years at a dive bar in my old college town's party district, has been asked to play the main stage of the town's New Years party. To give perspective, Eve 6 was the band last year. Essentially, he and his three bandmates will playing for 10,000 people. It's a bit intense.

I've decided it will be a lot of fun, despite ditching my own plans for partying in the city. He's also threatened to pull me up on stage at midnight and kiss me in front of those 10,000 people. I was already excited to plan my outfit, but yeesh. That's a lot of eyes.

Originally I just wanted to go nuts with sequins. It's New Years! Then I found this dress at Forever21 while looking for Renn Faire tights. It's from their Twist Collection, which apparently just means "kinda punky".

It's shamelessly similar to the Jeffrey dress from Project Runway, of course, down to the zipper details on the seams. But I'm very okay with that. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

I had no intention of finding something this ridiculously early, and still have plenty of time to get tired of this dress and decide on a different one for New Years. But it's definitely a contender. I just need to figure out how to color it up, and warm it up for December. Any suggestions would be very helpful! It's definitely Polyvore time. My big requirements:

1. Something to give it color. I love color, and I'm a pale girl with dark hair now. Black and grey give me a distinctly gothic look.
2. Something to warm it up. December in Kansas is not so warm.
3. Possibly a biggish purse. I do like to carry backup comfortable shoes when I go party. I change into them when I'm so drunk that looking kind of goofy is a fair trade for relieving my feet.

Here are a few ideas:

New Years Dress 2

New Years Dress 1

New Years Dress 3

Any jacket I'd wear would be open, of course, because the corseted top of the dress is too cool. I realize the colors and various pieces are a bit scattered and odd, but that's just how I dress. I prefer to err on the side of just a little too much. Especially for New Years! Any other suggestions for me on warming/funkying/coloring this gray and black dress up?

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  1. You got my wheels turning - and my mouse clicking around for ideas! Stayed tuned for a post with the dress with a style idea for you. (And I hope you're not offended if I totally miss the mark!)


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