Monday, October 26, 2009

Youtube Makeup Lessons.

I started wearing makeup at the beginning of 9th grade. A family friend visited and brought her daughter, a year younger than me. I attempted to start a conversation about how we were both going to new schools in the fall, both of us having just moved into town. She was relentlessly rude to me the entire visit, acting as though I weren't worth speaking to. Later when my mother asked how we got along, I explained that I was used to being treated a certain way by girls who knew how to dress and wore makeup. They didn't have much use for my awkward, gangly body, tomboy clothes, bare face and braces.

My mom took me to the Clinique counter of our local PX (think of it as army family Walmart) within the week and had them give me a total makeover. She then bought every product they used on me. Though some may not agree with her solution, I think my mother is a badass and I have been fascinated by makeup ever since.

Imagine my thrill in early college when I found out they have women who teach you makeup on Youtube! My first girl was Panacea81. I thought she was adorable- insecure and a little mousy, she constantly informed you that she knew she didn't look like whichever actress's makeup she was imitating. She seemed like your average friendly, apologetic neighbor, but then she would bust out these killer eyes:

She's since gotten picked up by some makeup line or another and her Youtube page has gotten all zazzy. I haven't watched any of her videos in a while, but I hope she kept some of her cuteness. I don't need another perky petite pitching me products (alliteration bow).

My other favorite is MystiqueMakeup. This girl is also a sweetheart, and taught me how to do fingerwaves. She apparently does some kind of costume makeup on the side, and frequently features videos about that.

I went through a massive multicolor eyeshadow phase my senior year of college, and I got tons of compliments thanks primarily to the tips and tricks I picked up from these two. Do you have any Youtube teachers that I should know about? Do yours have cute accents too?


  1. yes, I watch those all the time!

  2. oh my goodness i am watching her videos as i read this! how freaky hahha
    love her

  3. I love Michelle Phan, her videos arent only about makeup she also has videos about homemade facial scrubs, porestrips and curlers. She's awesome.


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