Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shopping Trip.

So my attempts at cutting back on my shopping have been... less than successful. I have been sticking to secondhand stores and Forever 21, so not exactly bank-breaking.

Yesterday I hit up my favorite local secondhand clothing store. I can always find weird, quirky things for about ten bucks.

This is a satin-y fabric, and the tag says Banana Republic. Win. It was $10. I'm not super sure about it, but it seemed fun. I'm aware that the unforgiving fabric makes me appear quite lumpy...

I tried to belt it:

But it wasn't too impressive. The fabric is just too unforgiving to draw in that closely. Obviously, I could use some of that slimming underwear, but still. Not sure about it. This is going into the "hang on to it and experiment" file.

If I scrunch it up a bit, it works alright as a shirt over jeans. I wore it around all day today.

I also got this very quirky terry cloth shirt- $7. I looked at it the last few times I've been in the store, and a friend even pulled it out to suggest it for me the last time we went.

It's not the most body-flattering shirt on the planet, but I love how retro and odd it is. Tried pairing it with a jacket:

Much better. I think with skinny jeans and boots/booties it might be kind of cool.

One final shirt: an old school button up for $7. Definitely not a natural fabric, but more breathable and less itchy than ones I've had in the past (you have to keep an eye on it though- notice the weird hang out hem piece in the second picture).


Picked up these two sweaters at Forever 21 today:

I really just grabbed sweaters because it's FREEZING in Missouri and my closet is sadly lacking. But I was pleasantly surprised by the blue one- it's warmer than I thought and really cute just left unzipped. Hm. This makes me question my usual winter survival method- wear exactly what I did in the summer, but add a coat and tights.

One final thing I snagged- this hat. Never something I would have considered normally. There were these sequined knit hats that were just a bit too much (too much = my favorite) and in trying them on, I found this purple, more basic one. It looks surprisingly cool, and covers up the hair dye job I just got and am not entirely sold on.

So... I failed to avoid shopping altogether, but managed to shop cheap and actually picked up the sweaters I needed. I'll call this a draw.

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