Sunday, October 25, 2009

Madden and the Maxx.

I'm normally a huge TJ Maxx fan, being not-so-rich. Lately I've been reading a lot of blogettes who have been scoring major swag at their Maxxes, so I stopped by there the other day when picking up the last elements of my Halloween costume.

I never have much luck with the shoe aisle, as I have size 9 feet. Shopping for these feet for the last few years has brought me to the conclusion that I have the trendiest shoe size ever. The worst part about the picked over, messy TJ Maxx nearest my apartment is that things get mixed into the wrong place. Generally when I see a heart-stopping pair of shoes, they are really size 6's put in the wrong place. Or, the ever-cruel 8 1/2 almost-fitters. Argh.

I did manage to pick up some pretty cool Steve Maddens on this trip. I realize that to anyone who is of a higher fashion persuasion, Steve Madden is nothing to write home about. His shoes aren't the best by any stretch, and they're often knockoffs of designer shoes. To someone on a budget, however, his realm is magical. I like to troll the sale racks at my local Off Broadway Shoes and get them half off.

I can't find a picture of my shoes, which have "Petrra" stamped in them, but the Setra shoes on his site look the same (a typo? Possibly the reason for their TJ Maxx banishment?). I tried to take photos of them on my feet, but my camera battery is drained from last night's Halloween party. On the right are the Setras.

Actually, mine are exactly the same, except they're a very cool dark leopard print. Also my first ever animal print, so hey, go trendy me. They make your feet look smaller and more rounded, which is awesome. Having those afore-mentioned size 9s means that sometimes my feet make cute little heels look awkward and stretched out. In size 6 they're cute, but in size 9 they resemble leopard-print boats. High fives to any pair that make my feet look more delicate.

I scored these dudes for just under $30, and they were pretty comfortable right off the bat.


  1. very nice. similar to louboutin.

  2. I know just the shoes you got. They are cute ones. I found a similar pair at my TJs but in purple and with a wooden heel. (I think of the 'steven' variation) Sadly they only had a size six. I too hate it when the sizes are in the wrong spots!


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