Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adventures in Rain Boots.

So, I'm currently a bit obsessed with rain boots.

A while back I read a posting on the website Texts from Last Night from a guy loving the drizzly weather in his area. Apparently, some girls on his college campus spent the day running around in short shorts or skirts and rain boots. He found this extremely appealing. I think it has the potential to be adorable.

I've tried to find cute rain boots before, but usually end up ordering something cute online that is really clunky and awkward in person. I know, I know, rain boots, but I have faith that there are cute ones out there that are still functional.

When I found the cute ones on the Charlotte Russe website, I should have purchased them on the spot. I know this now.

I think what makes them better than average is the fact that they're taller. I don't know. I feel like this will reduce the clunk factor. Soon after discovering that these were pretty much perfect, the yellow ones sold out in my size. This launched an epic quest and hours of internet searching, leading me to discover that Hunter boots (which the Charlotte Russe boots knock off quite nicely) are pretty much the shit. And pretty much $100.

So I settled for some tall red ones I found on I'm still waiting on them to arrive, hoping these are the miracle rain boots that keep out the wet but are still flattering.

Wish me luck! The general idea is to do something like this:

What to Wear with My Red Rain Boots?

Actually, looking up the yellow boots for this post, I found out they're back in stock. Aint it always the way? I guess I'll just see how the red ones work out.

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  1. Skirts or shorts with rain boots just makes sense to me. I don't want my pants to get wet or drag in the water if I wear them over the boots.


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