Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween to Renn Faire.

My little sister works at the local Rennaisance Faire. I always have a blast when I go, and make a point to visit a few times during the season. A lot of people dress up when they go, which is something I've always admired but never quite committed to doing myself. One time I wore a flowy white shirt, a bandana on my head and drew an eye patch on my face with eyeliner. I had a blast, but it wasn't exactly a costume.

Renn Faire costumes can be expensive, and for a very rarely used occassional outift like that it's hard for me to justify spending any real money.

Enter: My Halloween costume.

This year I'm finally going to do the idea I've been sitting on for years- Eve. As in, Adam and. I found my costume at about $20 less than the average price by trolling around the internet.

It doesn't look nearly as slutty on me, as my boobs are significantly less huge. It's actually pretty cute. It's also very fairy-like. Because it is cold, and because I do not want to look trashy, and because I'll be spending the day with my little brother (21 years old, but still), I want to use the dress but tone it down. Accuracy and realism isn't important to a girl who drew an eyepatch on her face, so my rules are flexible. This is my plan:

Turning My Eve Costume into a Fairy Costume

I have the boots (Target, about $30 and very comfortable), and a giant pink flower for my hair. I'll do my makeup very airy and colorful and fun. Lots of sparkle. All I'll need is a simple green t-shirt (worn underneath the dress) and tights, both for modesty and for warmth. I have a fun pair of fairy wings I bought a few years back, so that's taken care of too. Now, the only problem is I'll probably need to wear my coat...

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