Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm not a rabid follower of designers, but I do enjoy looking at pictures from shows and keeping track of my favorites (mmmmm... Zac Posen).

So Chrisitan Siriano, my favorite Project Runway star, has been making shoes for Payless. We know this already, correct?

I missed his spring 2009 collection completely, but found out about the whole thing in time to grab the shoes I feel were the best from the fall 2009 (at bottom of post). Again, the Payless version, not the original. I am but a lowly editor and do not make the mad monies. Besides, I like the dumbed-down Payless version a bit more anyway. They’re more realistic for the places I’ll be able to wear them.

I was pretty put out when I realized Christian was making a signing/new shoe previewing stop at a mall nearby. Of course, during my work hours yesterday. I stopped by Payless the day before and heard a salesgirl whispering to some customers about his shoes, then usher them to the back. Argh.


I’ve seen the runway versions already for 2010:

I'm not in love with them altogether. I'm especially not feeling the heel. I know it's an artistic statement, I just think it's not that pretty. Aside from the freaky heel, I really like the blue ones and would buy one or both if that part was toned down. I'm kind of hoping that happens for Payless.

I know, I know. Ewwww, Payless. Before recently, I had purchased one pair of shoes there in my lifetime, and I returned them a few days later. I find their shoes to be generally cheap and uncomfortable. But I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered these from Siriano's fall line:

I won't lie to you and say they are total dreams to wear, but in person they look to be of about the same quality as your average Steve Madden shoe. I'd say about that comfortable too. Not amazing, but they don't look or feel totally cheap. With some sock help I'm able to wear them on a minimal walking, office work kind of day and I'm fine. I spent as much on these as I typically spend on my Madden heels on sale (and these booties are still on Payless.com, as of today).

Are you digging these at all? I'm totally eating up this Designer on the Cheap gig in a way that I never did with Target. It might just be because Christian is so adorable, and because the finished product still looks edgy enough to be designer- something the Target designer series doesn't seem to pull off very often.

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