Friday, October 16, 2009

The Great Coat Quest.

Fourish years ago my parents bought me a winter coat, because I was a broke college sophomore. It was a black Dollhouse peacoat with an empire waist- tighter just under the girls and then it flared out into an A-line skirt. We got it for a steal because a salesgirl put it on a sale rack by accident.

This coat has been my one-and-only winter staple ever since. It’s stylish but warm. I tend to dress the same all year round, adding only a coat and possibly tights to modify my clothes for winter. So warmth is very important.

About two years ago my coat started to die. Holes appeared. Buttons popped off. I sewed them back on over and over until finally they just broke. The coat began to pill pretty badly. I started looking like a hobo. I started looking for a new coat. I’ve been looking ever since.

It was surprisingly hard for me to find a new coat. I wanted something stylish and form-fitting, but loose enough to fit a hoodie under. I wanted a bright red, or blue, or something else eye-catching. I wanted some edge to it, something fun and funky. It also had to be WARM.

I found basically two kinds of coat. Thin, cute coats, and thick, warm, style-less coats. I ordered a few online and always sent them back for sizing or warmth reasons. I googled endlessly and stalked sales after the winter was over. I gave up. The next year came, the old coat came out and the quest began anew. I went from fall to spring looking for The Coat. I gave up again.

This year rolled around and I was determined. I began accepting black and grey again, rather than exclusively color, in hopes of widening the pool. I stalked a Betsey Johnson coat all over Overstock, and settled on it just as it sold out. A later visit to the Betsey Johnson store a few blocks from my apartment (be jealous) proved her wool pea coats to be lacking in warmth anyway.

I ordered this Miss Sixty coat in purple a few weeks ago and have been deliberately trying not to get excited. I scored it on Overstock, so about half the price it normally would have been.

This morning I crawled out of my warm, friendly bed early to make sure I got the package before work. I tried it on, and I think we have a winner. I’m pretty excited. It’s a little less warm than my Dollhouse coat, but warm enough to suit me. It’s a really pretty purple in real life. It’s slightly boxy, but that makes room for layering. I performed the ever-dreaded tag removal yesterday. No returning it!

It's more like this color in real life, rather than the very dark purple of the Overstock photo. I am very pleasantly surprised. I LOVE color.

Action shots to follow after I stop being lazy. Also, I got my hair colored yesterday. It's a bit intense. Photos soon, I promise.

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  1. For winter you should really consider leather. I have a leather trenchcoat and leather chaps. They really really help. It gets way below freezing here.


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