Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Etsy Experience Ever.

I got my ring from Works in Progress today (I said A Kingdom by the Sea before, which is actually her blog)! What a great distraction while I wait for my boots. The ring is just as cute in person as it was in her stylish photos. She shipped it immediately, so it got here mega-fast. To top it all off, this was inside the envelope- cute packaging win.

The ring is adorable. I'm using her picture here because it was getting dark when I got home, and all my ring pictures are blurry. This is just it in her hand versus mine. A very similar photo.

When I was on her Etsy page buying the ring, I browsed through a couple of her other pieces and was really smitten with her book necklaces. I added them to my Etsy favorites list immediately. When I opened the packaging for my ring today, lo and behold:


She threw in a book necklace! A seriously geek-out moment for me. It's wicked cute. I have no idea if she knew that I loved them or not, but I'm having a grand old time. I've been having some bad Etsy experiences lately, so bumping into someone so friendly, fast and cute feels really good. You should check her out!


  1. Yay!! Aww, I'm beyond excited that you were so happy with it all :)

    Thank you for letting me know! You're too sweet for posting it here. Sorry to hear that some of your Etsy experiences weren't so great, but I'm glad this one was different ;)

    Yay! haha, this is seriously the best start to my morning :) I love when I get to hear from people that they enjoyed it. Thank you!! <3

  2. Darling! The ring is just too cute. :-)


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