Friday, October 23, 2009

What I Wore Today.

What I Wore entries are always my favorite when reading other people’s blogs. It’s always fun to see someone’s inspirations and ideas, but it’s far more fun to see what they actually do with them in everyday life. Is she the kind of woman who covets Gucci but shops Old Navy? It just interests me.

Yesterday The Boyfriend and I went to my favorite vintage store to see if we could find some finishing touches for his Halloween costume. While scanning racks for the ultimate rugged band shirt, he came across a $5 black t-shirt featuring Shredder from the Ninja Turtles wailing on an electric guitar. I promptly claimed it for myself.

I wanted to wear it immediately, but while my work is pretty relaxed about attire, they draw the line at baggy t-shirts. Enter: my genius. The shirt in the picture is a sad wannabe Shredder shirt standing in for my glorious one (that seems to have been created as an advertisment for August Burnsred, whatever that is).

Outfit on 10.23.09

Now that I have my camera- action shots (forgive the messy apartment- best photo area is unfortunately also where everything gets dumped when I come home):

I need darker skinny jeans, as these highlight my less-than-slender thighs. But other than that, pretty jazzed about it. Also would be great if they were the kind that rouched on the bottom- these pull back and forth wherever the booties lead them. Oh, and Shredder. Let's not forget Shredder.

1 comment:

  1. TMNT are awesome; great thrift store find!

    I love those boots - I tried them on in the payless the other day and almost got them.

    That motojacket is great too! Nice look.


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