Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Turnout.

After a few days with my new brown hair, I'm actually growing to love it. Here are some photos of me rocking it at the Renn Faire:

A fairy Myspace photo in a mirror I found in a fairy hangout.

The last photo is also a demonstration of how I eventually got my Eve dress into a fairy dress. I couldn't find any green tights except for drab military green. Knowing I would never wear them again, I opted for gray instead. It was too cold to get away with the little sweater I bought to go over it (plus butt coverage was an issue) so I wore my new coat instead (held down the dress better in the back). My brother said fairies don't wear coats, but I told him I was a 10th Kingdom fairy. Everyone seemed to wear pea coats in that mini-series.

The leaves on the dress look pretty pathetic here, but there are actually quite a few. The entire chest area is leaves. You can't really see the top. I just put a green t-shirt under the dress, which looked a goofy from the back.

I ended up wearing my coat for everything but this demonstration of my strength, so it wasn't a big deal. I also saw two or three other girls with my Target boots around, so I'm happy to see other people are finding them. I went shopping for a few hours, then walked around the faire from 2pm to 6pm and they didn't hurt my feet. My feet and legs were SORE, definitely, and still are, but no more so than with sneakers. I really need to buy another pair of these boots to have as a backup. They are too perfect.

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