Monday, November 16, 2009

China Cool.

Ugh, lots of weirdness with my postings today. Not sure if the messiness showed up at all, but if so, it should be all good now. Moving on!

A few months ago, some friends threw a large, joint birthday party that was prom themed. It was just about the coolest birthday party of all time. Not having been to a formal in about four years, I was a little more excited than a fake, drunk prom in someone's huge basement truly merited. I started looking for my dress- which had to be sexy, colorful, short and unique- months in advance. It was a long, complicated, weird, Murphy's Law kind of adventure, but it did lead me to find China Cool.

I don't really get this website. It's oddly put together and seems slightly shady. But it has the most interesting, pretty little dresses ever. I drooled over a few of them before worries about quality (and shipping dates, as the event was coming up fast) eventually led me to skip the site altogether in favor of a safer choice. Whenever a cocktail dress event comes up now, though, I always seem to drift back over there. I think I may eventually bite the bullet and just give it a try. Until then, here are a few of my favorites.

They have a few gowns that are interesting too, but I remember them being more bold when I last looked at them. I guess they've gotten some more toned-down stock. I do like these:

Between the site's odd vibe and the relatively low prices, I'm still hesitant to buy a dress just yet. But I doubt it will be too long before I do just to find out.


  1. ohhh pretty pretty pretty...and i NEED a nice dress (always)

  2. This is way too tempting. I love that deep purple one. And the prices are seductively low!

  3. robin...i'm thinkin' about getting this dress for new years and shortening it....thoughts??


  4. I actully bought my pom dress from this site! My parents had only given me $100 to buy a pom dress, and I remember thinking there was no way I was gonna find a nic dress for that cheap..until I came across echicool! I picked a nice light blue dress of theres for prom ince the theme was underwater and I have to say the dresses (my sister got hers from the website too once she saw mine lol)are even more fabulous in person!Maybe I'll post ome pictures (^_^) Anyways so for anyone hesitting because their afraid the site might be a scam, its not, so go ahead!
    my dress:
    my sisters:


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