Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've heard a few bloggers mention that they have issues with backless dresses because of the bra situation. I feel ya. I actually found a solution that works really well for me, and I’m wondering if anyone else has tried it?

I found this stick-on bra at Walmart and it’s totally changed what I can and can’t wear. It wasn’t expensive (I think around $25?), it’s reusable, and it’s never once fallen off. Peeling it off can sometimes be slightly wince-worthy, but it's not bad. It doesn’t give me a ton of lift, but it helps shape the girls and hold them together to make a more pleasing look.

Now, I have pretty modestly-sized ladies. I just barely scrape a 36C, so this might not be an option for a woman more blessed than I. I’d be really interested to know if you’ve tried them, and what your experience was. Since I’ve had them, backless and weird straps are just non-issues for me. I don’t even worry about them when I make purchases. Quite freeing, actually.

The box looks something like the one pictured, but I think they've updated their look since then. I've never tried another adhesive bra, so I can only recommend that line-drawn chick with the Jessica Rabbit look pictured here. I think the brand is Lingerie Solutions? I've seen it in every Walmart I've been in for the last few years, so it shouldn't be hard to track down if you're interested.



    One Love,

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! I have a very modest A-cup chest, so I bet this will work out well. :-)

  3. Thanks - will have to try. Ones I got from La Senza were awful.

  4. I have some like these and I wore them with a satin dress, and I think because the siliconyness is very smooth it made the satin prone to sliding. But not much worse than regular skin. But the bra itself was comfy as, a very weird sensation putting it on and positioning it right but it does work well@


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