Saturday, November 7, 2009


Okay, I might need an intervention. I just found these shoes that are really cute, and really cheap, and that is bad. It's bad because they're from Forever 21, a place I swore I would never buy shoes. In fact, I never actually swore it, because I didn’t feel like one had to promise not to buy cheap, obviously painful shoes.

So why do I like these 4 inch sneaker heels? There is no way that for $22.80 these are anything but torture, right? Has anyone had a good, bad or indifferent experience with F21 shoes? I’ve tried on Charlotte Russe shoes that were foot hell at first, wobbly step, but I don’t know anyone who has purchased footwear from F21. I may need a good talking to. Sadly, I've already committed to the point of thinking that I might prefer them in brown. I love the velcro, the sneaker feel, the (fake) leather look and the name: The Touchdown Bootie. How cute is that? How awful is it that I'm thinking for that low price, I could get both colors?

The boyfriend is working all day tomorrow, leaving me with a free day. I'm planning on hitting up a local mall and checking these out in person. I'm a sucker for a brown leather sneaker. And heels? Ohmygawd.


  1. I've never tried on F21 shoes and I refuse to start. I've never had good luck with cheap shoes and nothing is worse than hobbling around midday with sore feet and no opportunity to change out of the cheap torture devices.

    But they are pretty cute (I like the brown ones more).

  2. I wish I had taken photos of the shoes I just threw away from Forever 21. Never in my life had I seen a ballet flat deteriorate so swiftly and thoroughly. The 'patent' on the toes peeled and flaked off. The rubber on the bottom wore away and a piece of metal poked through. One of the bows fell off.

    Yeah, these were cheap shoes, but they had the lifespan of a mayfly. I suppose that is what we've come to accept from F21 though.

    I think the question is, how much use will you get out of the sneaker booties?

    If you think you will wear them often and all day, then don't get them at Forever.


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