Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today I...

... am wearing:

Apologies for the quality, the boyfriend is at work and taking photos with the 10-second timer was not working. Had to resort to Myspace tactics. This mirror was magically found in the giveaway area of my apartment building. It makes you look skinny, but no amount of wiping will remove that dusty look.

Here it is without the coat...

The dress is from Urban Outfitters and it is awesome (zipper! pockets!). I wore it almost every day when I visited Phoenix this summer. The scarf is GAP and the coat is the Miss Sixty one I blogged about many moons ago. Someday I will find somewhere cooler to shoot photos than my apartment, as my cute cute place always seems to come out sketchy in these photos.

... decided to keep my boots.

If they seem different than my ALDO Cassettys, it's because they are. I returned those because I just wasn't in love with them in person. I bought these as an alternative, and I adore them. Also, they fold down! So now when thigh highs become uncool (so 2009) I'll have a backup plan. It's extremely hard to photograph thigh high boots on yourself. Bear with me. These new boots are pretty damn comfy (still breaking them in) and were cheaper than the last pair. They're called the Harper boot, and they're made by Report. The main difference between these and the ones I returned is the toe. These are significantly more rounded, which removes that odd, flat Grinch look my feet had.

... realized I hate Anthropologie, just a little.

Only because I don't have $20 to spend on each of these ornaments. Visions of the world's cutest under the sea Christmas tree are making me sad faces. It's quirky and weird and ohmygod octopus. Expect an entire entry about octopus jewelry from me in the future.

I'm going out for drinks as soon as the boyfriend gets off work. He got fired and rehired this week, which was some epic drama, and a few Boulevard Wheats will be quite welcome. Until then, I'm going to go watch my recording of the most boring season of Project Runway ever. Any of you still hanging on to this show with me? I mourn the loss of Ra'mon daily.


  1. Cute dress! And good call on the boots - I'm glad you found a pair that you love even more. :-)

    I can't decide how I feel about those Anthro ornaments. When I first saw them, I hated them. But now that everyone is blogging about them and I keep looking at them, I think "You know, they are pretty charming..." I don't want to like them - I don't need another reason to spend money!

    Yes to Project Runway - unfortunately. It's a torturous season, but I can't let it go. I wish Michael Kors had been on more often for judging, he's so sassy.

  2. Do you have an octopus thing? I do as well. Check out my blog post today for some octopus related fun! I've almost given up on the search for black boots altogether. Looks like January sales it is. I figure if I don't love them it won't be as bad if they are 50% off :)

  3. I love the dress, especially the notch in the neckline.
    The pirate ship ornaments are cute, but I don't really go for knit ornaments. I'd probably love them if they were wood or glass or something which felt more classy.
    The new boots look good- they kind of go with the ornaments hehe!

  4. love the colors you paired together here! awesome boots too! and your apartment looks very nice!

  5. Ooooh I love that dress!!! And I agree with the above person, I like the pirate ship ornaments more than the knit ones... Andddd I recently sold an octopus necklace! I quite like them also :)

  6. That's really funny about photographing yourself in thigh-high boots, I never would have realized that. But of course, unless you have a black-belt in yoga, it makes sense!
    Those decorations are cute but I agree, the price is insane.

  7. those boots and your outfit are fantastic

  8. Your dress is so freaking cute! That shade of blue is stunning on you. I love the boots as well. :)
    Oh gosh, those Anthropologie ornaments. I die. Yeah, sometimes I get extremely depressed when I go to that store because I want so much and simply do not have the money for it. Lol.
    I'm sorry your bf had a roller coaster week. I'm glad he's rehired though. What a scare!

  9. Love your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine too... I look forward to reading more! :)

  10. Those boots are out of this world! I loooooooove them! And your hair is so cute! I makes me want to cut my own hair! You look beautiful!


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