Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I Wore All Weekend.

I walked away from the blogosphere for the weekend (deliberately Monday, unexpectedly Tuesday) and came back to mountains of updates. I've been adding a lot of badass bloggers to my follow list lately and still haven't had many posts to read every day. I guess everyone got motivated all at once, because it took me large chunks of my afternoon to catch back up.

This weekend was a blast. I spent almost every waking minute meeting Matt's family and old friends. This caused me to try and do a little bit of dressing up, with a lot of positive feedback. I ended up using a lot of the same pieces and mixing them up different ways. All of the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Friday at work, feeling kind of lazy:

A borrowed, thrifted dress, my OTK boots and black tights. The belt is new from Target and I'm wearing it constantly.

Going out:

After work a good buddy, myself and the boyfriend went out. I wanted to wear something kind of sexy, but not my usual. I played around with this.

The wedding:

These photos are delightfully awkward because I made Matt step down the hall at the reception and take them. I love this outfit, but I think the skirt is awfully close in color to my skin.

Matt's Mom's place for an early Thanksgiving with his family:

I'm clearly adapting the same outfit from Friday night into Sunday daywear. I'm either lazy or a genius. Every time I wore this scarf I tried to do that elegant, casual thing where you drape it across the front and belt it. But this scarf is too long if you loop it once, too short if you loop it twice. I finally just gave up and threw it on.

Grabbing food on Monday, off work for the day:

I found out Monday that the hot water was shut off for a few hours due a mysterious disturbance in another apartment. Thus, I could not take a shower to step out to Panera and had to wear this hat. I never wear it normally because I feel like it makes me look like I want to be a painter or something. But it was kind of cute that day.

All-in-all, I think I've made some progress here. I feel like I'm not quite as clueless lately. My favorite outfit was the last one, of course, because it has so many of my favorite pieces going on. I'd be happy to share where I got any item that you're interested in.

Now, nap time- I just got off work and I'm beat. Hope you guys had a great weekend, and that this upcoming one is even better!


  1. I love the last outfit too! Your skirt is perfect! :D
    selective potential

  2. You are just the cutest thing! I really like that white skirt on you too! I have pale skin, so I definitely understand where you're coming from!

    The "sexy" outfit is pretty adorable too and would look great with the over-the-knee boots.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. How much fun are you?! I plan entire weekends worth of outfits in my head all the time. I never remember to take pictures. Anyway, you look great and it also looks like you had a great weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Love the color blocking in your going out outfit! and i've not seen anyone belt a scarf before... kinda cool, I'll have to give it a whirl.

    all are great outfits though, i'm sure you made excellent first impressions!

  5. ohhhh, gorgeous wedding look. none of my friends get married, I haven't been to a wedding in 5 years!

  6. These are such cute outfits! I love them all. The second outfit is definitely my favorite. You are a genius at coordinating. I love how you tied down the scarf with that belt. :) The third outfit is my next favorite because that skirt is SO cute and I love that little orange clutch.
    I'm glad to see you had an awesome weekend!! I hope you have a great week too!

  7. please share where those fabulous boots are from... I am in complete and utter LOVE with them. and girl, all of these outfits are incredible! I LOVE that aqua dress with the FAB leopard print belt (my favorite print, by far!). the OTK socks and short skirt for a night out is totally sexy and probably warm! and the white skirt is lovely and NOT the shade of your skin... it just highlights the perfect porcelain complexion you have! and the last outfit is just amazing... love the print on the skirt and how it contrasts with the black top and boots and that red belt is just the perfect accessory.

    (p.s. thanks so much for the sweet comment today... I am above flattered to be compared to such a unique style icon!)


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