Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If these objects were boys, and I were in high school, I would be stuffing love notes in all their lockers. I would be baking them cupcakes and hanging around their homerooms. I would be writing offhand, totally casual comments on their Facebooks and penning their names over and over in Composition notebooks.

Marc Jacobs Blue 'Love Story' Clutch - Overstock

Miso 2 Tone Sequin Dress - Republic

Masquerade Ball Gown in Teal - DarkPonyDesigns on Etsy

Can you guys think of any way to wear this last skirt so that it's not so costumey? Some way to fit it into a regular wardrobe? Yeah. Me neither. Sigh.

In other news, I discovered something awesome today. Remember that blue dress that was in the inspiration for my rabid sequin search? (How could you forget, right? I mention it every other post).

Well, guess what I accidentally stumbled on today, still in stock, half the price of this one, and missing the sleeves that I wasn't as sure about? The same website (Asos) has an almost identical dress for half the price, and no sleeves. I'm not great at the measurement game- wish me luck!

I promise, no more mention of my OTK boots or my sequin dress fixation from now on, until decisions are made. And then silence on the subject!

One other thing I'd like to ask- do you guys troll the net for discount codes the way I do? For years I've paid little to no attention to those little discount coupon boxes at the end of my online purchases, but got a tipoff recently. This week alone a simple Google search for discount codes has saved me $40. I feel like I've been missing out bigtime!


  1. The sleeveless dress is even better than the other one! And it has such a sexy open back! (Which would make me pause, since I wouldn't know what kind of bra to wear.)

    And I think a love triangle is budding with that plaid coat. I have quite the crush on it too! It would be even cuter if the plastic buttons were snipped off and brass ones were sewn on instead.

  2. Oh my God that Marc Jacobs Bag! Damn you Marc Jacobs and your beautiful yet unattainable accessories! I think I like the version of the sequined dress with the sleeves better. Is the back open too? If it is then I definitly like it better with the longer sleeve to offset the open back.

  3. I think I am totally in love with that clutch...so cute!

  4. Oh wow I am totally in love with that first jacket. So perfect for fall! I also adore that blue sequined dress. I want to wear it to a fabulous party...oh, I wish. ;)

  5. Ahhh i didn't know they made that Marc Jacobs tote in clutch form!? My wallet curses you. Now I might buy it.

    That modcloth skirt looks like something Christopher from project runway would make.


  6. Well, thanks so much for featuring my masquerade dress! I think you could totally wear that ruffled skirt with a t-shirt and flats.
    Love your blog...
    PS I will be listing the red and white top soon...I'll keep you posted!

  7. I fourth the clutch! So unbelievably cute!!!

    And yes, I always look for codes, and I never buy anything from VS without one or three, and I NEVER pay for shipping!

  8. Ooooh I love the clutch also!!

    And I always check http://retailmenot.com for coupon codes :)

  9. HI-Here's a link to that sailor top

  10. Hooray for your sequins!
    Yes, I must admit I do search for coupon codes. When I get to online checkout and see that 'enter code here' box, I pretty much take that as an invitation to hop across to Google and see what I can find.

  11. AH Where can I find that short sleeve backless sequin dress!??? please post info on


    I would be FOREVER grateful. FOREVERRRRR

  12. Where can I get that short sleeved blue sequin dress???

  13. Where can I get that short sleeved blue sequin dress???


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