Thursday, November 19, 2009

Damn You, ModCloth.

Where did people even shop before ModCloth? Did people shop? I imagine it was a far more gray, dreary world than our own.

Reasons I hate ModCloth today:

1. I just bought a dress yesterday, meaning I have to lay off buying anything for a bit. I'm trying to be good. But these little flats are perfect. They're sweet, neutral and simple. I don't own a single pair of ballet flats, because I rarely find a pair I really have to have. Also, the fact that ModCloth listed them a second time leads me to suspicions that they ran out of stock the first time around. Argh.

 2. Does ModCloth read my blog or something? I was just making come-hither eyes at that YSL Y-mail clutch a few weeks ago. How do they know?? This bag is a cute little wannabe and it's kinda killing me.

3. I have also been making eyes at this Betsey Johnson sweater since I spotted it online a week ago. Dinosaurs, really? Is there anything cooler?

None of these are out of my normal, semi-reasonable price range (except that sweater- ha), but I'm trying hard to be good and save a little money this month. But, let's face it- you should probably expect a guilty post within the week. After that, ModCloth and I may need to take a break and reevaluate our relationship...


  1. dude, seriously. i avoid looking on there at all costs because i do not have the money to spend right now. oh so tempting!

  2. For $35 get the shoes! They are cute and they look like they would actually be comfortable to wear, which arch support and everything!

    That clutch is super cute and is going on my christmas wish list right away.

    Glad you found your belt, and you're welcome ;)

  3. that betsey johnson sweater is soooo cute and quirky! i love it!

  4. I'm a fan of the clutch - how cute!

  5. The clutch and the dinosaur sweater are amazing. ModCloth is like... completely epic. And I completely LOVE your blog name. I'm actually off to watch Sex & The City right now!


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