Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Basics Fail.

I seem to come across a lot of people who feel they have boring wardrobes full of basics, and are a bit intimidated by statement pieces. I have the opposite problem. I have tons of statement pieces and few basics to help tie them together. I am attempting to reign myself in and focus on staples before I allow myself any more turquoise booties or sequin tops. Currently topping my list:

1. A black blazer. Preferably a somewhat long one, nipped in the waist. My hips are my widest part, so I need to accent my narrow waist to help balance it out.

2. Dark skinny jeans. I thought for a long time that those wide hips kept me out of the skinny jeans pool, but eventually I decided to find a cheap pair and try them out. F21 has laughably inexpensive jeans, but their dark washes felt especially cheap. The lighter ones had a more denim feel to them, so I grabbed a pair. I like them a lot, but the light wash isn’t doing me any favors, slimming-wise.

3. Black, round toe pumps. I have black kitten heel Mary Janes, but it’s not quite the same. Just about every pair of shoes I have is loud and fun and colorful. I love them, but it can be hard to wear other loud pieces.

4. Basic tanks and tees. Layering layering layering. I will get better at layering.

5. Black, thick sweater tights. I splurged on a pair last year and wore them to death. I can’t find them this year (plus, they have a small hole I shoddily sewed back up). New pair it is.

I find it exceptionally difficult to buy pieces that are basics, because they don’t give me the same excited feeling that loud, fun statement pieces do. What wardrobe staples can you not live without? I’m sure I’m forgetting some good ones.

I Need Basics.


  1. I suffer from the same problem, and even when I try to buy basics, I can't get anything plain - it has to have that element of unique quirk. Like when I wanted black pumps, I ended up getting a t-strap with leather and patent in a cut-out (kenneth cole's u-cube).

    I had to get dark skinny jeans with ankle zippers and stars stitched on the back pocket.

    My cammis are covered in lace and sequins.

    And let me know when you find that perfect black blazer, because I almost got this one:

    My brain can not seem to compute basic.

  2. I know the feeling! It's certainly more fun to buy unique pieces than the basics. I keep a notepad in my closet to jot down pieces that I need to complement my wardrobe. It helps identify the more basic items I should pick up.

    In addition to the items you listed, I'd include grey tights, a pair of pretty flats that you can dress up or down, and a little black dress.


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