Friday, November 6, 2009

What Do You Call...

I've been in love with pick-up skirts for ages. For whatever bizarre reason I don't own a single one, but I am very, very interested in remedying that many times over. One of my biggest obstacles is trying to figure out what to call them. Everyone seems to have a different name, which makes it tricky to search them online. I've seen them called hitch skirts, pick-up skirts, bubble skirts (I realize the bubble skirt is something else, but some people lump them together), gathered skirts... is there some relatively common name for these that I'm not getting? It doesn't seem like any one name is more prevalent.

I keep thinking it's Saturday. I took yesterday (Thursday) off to hang out with the boyfriend, because his days off fell in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. We saw Where the Wild Things Are (really, really good, but kinda moody and uncomfortable to watch), ran around my neighborhood, I got my new boots in the mail and then I went out and met a few of his friends. When we got home, I wanted to watch Devil Wears Prada and he wanted to watch a ghost movie. He kindly allowed me my fashion fix, and even read a book afterwards so I'd have company while I watched my recorded episode of Project Runway (most. boring. season. ever.). He's a really good kid.

Still deciding on the new boots. Whenever I buy something relatively expensive, I have to try it on fifty times and worry and fret and think about it before taking off the tags. I need to make sure I love it enough to justify the price. It's an annoying habit, but that's just my process. I once had a pair of boots sit on my bedroom floor for a few weeks. I tried them on obsessively every day. Still have them, still love them. It just takes me a while.

I finally got over some of my shyness about having pictures of my outfits taken, and I have a few examples of looks I've tried out this week. I'll put them up when I get home tonight. I always feel so goofy posting pictures of myself- I feel like my outfits aren't interesting enough yet to merit the attention. Ah well. I'll get over it, right?

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  1. I don't know what those skirts are called either! But if you find out, please let me know. :-)

    Isn't it amazing when the boys put up with girly movies? Mine went to the SATC movie with me because it was released on my birthday. He was the only man in the audience. Haha.

    I'm excited to see your outfit pics!


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