Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So, I lucked out in that my area didn't get the 6-7 inches of snow hitting the good folks just a few hours down the road. We did, however, get a fluffy kind of rain that turned into slush on the street and a light dusting of snow on our cars.

Through some magical turn of events, I hit the window lever on my car at some point and opened my back window ever so slightly. I woke up this morning to find rain had gotten in my car. I have no earthly idea how it happened, but somehow 80% of the rain fell on one small spot- a spot the exact size and shape of my new Glamour magazine. Michelle Obama is still grinning up at me from the sad, soaked, rumpled cover.

I am so not a snow girl. Pictures of snow are charming. Snow in your socks, not so.

In honor of my fallen, half-read Glamour, I intend to think of nothing today except bright, flowery dresses.

Flower Power

Items in this set (clockwise from top left):


  1. Nooooo! I can't think of spring yet! Beautiful dresses though! :-)

    Where do you live? I noticed a few flurries in the air today. Sigh.

  2. Ahhh the magic of winter....
    I love that bubble hem dress with the big flowers. I would buy it if I were British.

  3. I think we're in denial of the approaching winter but a pretty flower dress will lift my spirits, even just for a bit...

  4. Sorry about your magazine :( I like those zipper heels in the bottom picture!

  5. Ew I freaking hate snow too. I'm not looking forward to when it comes pummeling down on us later this year (few weeks? Grrrr).

    I'm sorry about your magazine. That really sucks. :(

    On a happier note, those dresses are BEAUTIFUL!! I love them. So bright, so happy, so cheerful...sigh. I especially love that necklace in the first polyvore. That is gorgeous. :)


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