Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter, I Think We Need to Have a Talk.

It finally stopped snowing, though I probably shouldn't celebrate just yet. As fun as taking a snow day off last week was (very, very fun), I will be ecstatic when this clears up. People who love snow clearly live in California, and have therefore forgotten what the stuff is like.

The view from my window.

All the snow has made clothing choices a bit tricky. I'm cold, and I can only really wear boots. I've tried a few other shoe options, but inevitably I end up ankle-deep in a snow drift cleaning off my car. I finally got all the salt and gunk off of my favorite OTKs, but I've been wearing bright red rainboots pretty much every day since. I did, however, end up wearing this to work on Friday:

I got an overall really positive response. I've decided to chalk this up as a success. Also further proof that they really don't care what I wear to work so long as I am a bit careful.

This weekend I had a lot of free time, so I tried playing with a few outfits. I have a really warm winter coat, so I generally have the luxury of wearing whatever I want and just throwing a coat over it. I gave this a shot:

Afterwards, I took one look at this photo and laughed at myself. Then I put that tiny, tiny skirt back, put some jeans on and went out for a while. While I have fun posting outfits that I like, it's fun to share my missteps too.

As evidenced by the above photo, I have very very short hair. It's grown out to the point of being in an awkward phase, and I'm anxious to let it get longer but shape it back up (and dye it back to brown, rather than the reddish color it's slowly lightened to).

I've never loved having long, long hair because it takes me at least a year to do it and is a massive pain. I am, however, the kind of person who is really drawn to the non-commitment of clip-in extensions. I got all kinds of fired up a few weeks back to try some, but a saleswoman talked me out of it. She laughed that my hair was way too short. I was disheartened and dropped the idea.

Oddly enough, it was Kate Gosselin's weird new hair that made me think to give it one more shot. I have a friend with clip-in extensions who has kindly offered to let me come over and try them. I'd obviously have to cut any set I purchased down a bit to blend a better with my hair. But I think it would be really fun to try! Anyone have any good, bad or ugly experiences with clip-ins?


  1. I have clip in extension (real hair, very realistic, cost about $250) that I just love posted here:
    and a comfortable 3/4 wig (you pull our bangs over the top so it only covers 3/4 of your hair maybe $80) posted here:

  2. Winter lasts far too long. While I love wearing (and buying) wool coats, winters are tough. You feel trapped by the dark and the cold. Somedays you just don't feel like putting on 12 layers of clothing just to get the mail. Yes. I'm ready for summer.

    I think the polka dot skirt was really cute, I definitely would have worn it out of the house!

  3. I freaking LOVE your second outfit. That polka dot skirt is just adorable and to pair it with red was an awesome decision. The boots, the leggings...I die. Seriously. Best outfit ever!

    I think you should do the extensions!! Might be fun and with practice, comes perfect. Try out a few styles and see what works! And I hope you post pics! :)

  4. Red dress + red boots, not red dress + black boots. :)

  5. I love your over the knee boots! I know what you mean about the snow...luckily you get snow days. Those are non-existent here in Chicago - we plow through everything and it's business as usual.

  6. cute outfits and blogs! love the boots!

    lovelove, M.

  7. love both outfits but especially the first one! the over-the-knee boots really punk up the preppy dress and cardigan. LOVE!


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