Saturday, January 16, 2010

Indiana Jonesing.

Today's post is devoted to that for which I have searched about three years: the perfect brown leather messenger bag. Links in the comments under each picture.

It started in college with a desire for a cooler bookbag, and I thought it would end when I graduated. It didn't. The dream is to track down a messenger bag that looks as though Indiana Jones owns it. Darkish brown, real leather, not a briefcase, big enough for books, a bit worn.

I've found a lot of things like it, even expanded my search to include purses that are similar. Not much luck so far.

I saw a bag similar to what I wanted at work the other day. A co-worker has a faux leather, slightly too-small black leather bag. When I mentioned to him, he shrugged and said he got it at F21. I told him about my quest, and he lit up. Apparently, he's on the same quest. Now I feel the double responsibility of helping him realize his Indiana Jones bag dream.

So many are close. But I'm waiting for the one.


  1. Those are all great bags, but I know what it's like to have the perfect thing in mind and it's virtually impossible to find...or ends up being ridiculously expensive. Good luck on your quest. :)

  2. I am familiar with the search for the perfect brown leather bag, and I too, have not found one. The closest I ever came was the Postman Bag by Big Buddha. Only is wasn't even leather.

    I also like the Abbey Road by Lucky Brand.

    But they just don't feel perfect. So let me know if you ever do find it!

  3. These are all awesome bags! They are very chic and mature and classy. :) Good luck finding the perfect Indiana Jones bag. I'm glad you're not just settling for anything. The perfect bag will come along eventually. And when you find it, the wait will have definitely been worth it!

  4. Good luck with your hunt!! Let me know if you find one!!

  5. I love the third and fourth one! It's hard tho... Good luck iwth your search!

  6. Hey Ro bin! Think you could find one @ a thrift store or consignment shop? I have a hunch that ATC or Wildman vintage may have something! Good luck!

  7. It's so frustrating to be on the hunt for a certain piece and not be able to find it. I'm looking for a soft leather bag with a cross body strap that's slightly slouchy and in white or cream. And I haven't found it just yet!

    As for your search, Banana Republic did some fantastic men's leather bags that are like what you're describing a few years ago. Might worth some eBay searching.

  8. messenger bags whisper "classic chic". i'm totally into those too. mulberry's alexa bag is a perfect example.

    i really like the small tan-colored purse you featured in this post. i bet that thing will look good paired with neutrals and all-black look!


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