Sunday, January 24, 2010

Party Arty, or Arty Party, or Whatever.

Last night was the Party Arty party at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City. I only heard about the event about a week ago, and got tickets in a hurry. It's a yearly benefit thrown at the museum for young professionals. There was art on display, a fashion show, little photo booths, great food and free booze. I had a fantastic time. There's something very luxurious about discussing a Pollock painting while sipping wine.

In preparation for the event, I looked up photos and quizzed a co-worker that went last year to find out what to wear. I ended up feeling slightly underdressed, but not terribly. I took photos beforehand in case none were taken at the party:

I got a few shots of the fashion show- it was really dark and I had to hold my camera over my head to make up for my poor spot in the crowd:

We scoped the party for a while, partaking of our free drinks:

We even got the red carpet treatment.

All-in-all, it was a total blast, and one of the more swanky events I've gotten to attend. I can't wait to go next year- with a slightly more dramatic dress.

Also, did you notice the new haircut?

I just got the color touched up, made it symmetrical and cut wispy bangs out of my heavy, chunky one. It's pretty cute, and it will be much easier to look more professional and grow it out. New goals of mine.


  1. That sounds like it was a really fantastic event! Museum parties always seem so high class and fancy.

    Your new hair cut looks adorable, I love it!
    sometimes I wish I were brave enough to go short.
    The long earrings look really wonderful.

  2. You look gorgeous in your pics. I really wish I could pull of your hair cut I LOVE it!

  3. I like your old hairdo more to be honest. That said, for a last minute job, you did manage to throw together a cute outfit.

  4. What a fabulous party!! Lucky you. :) You looked absolutely amazing and that dress is adorable. And I love your new hair. So cute!

    I gave you an award on my blog, dear. I hope you are having a good week.

  5. I did notice your new hair cut and I think it makes you look older and more sophisticated. And I love your simple outfit. You look incredibly chic - and the earrings really helped dress it up.

    Sounds like it was a fun evening!

  6. Love your shoes! That party looks like fun!

  7. You looked so great! I love your simple dress with the shoes! And your haircut is lovely!

  8. oh I just love the new haircut! and the dress plus belt plus adorable shoes looks so great on you!

  9. Cool event.

    I'm playing with the hair too, dragging my feet between cuts. Lately I've been rocking the pompadour.


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