Thursday, January 7, 2010

F21, My Dear Watson.

Phew. That was a break I needed. Things have been a bit hairy here in Robinland, and I needed a time out. I think I'm a bit more stable now and ready to return to discussing socks.

I've been so down lately that I hadn't been shopping at all. Once I started coming back to the land of the living, I realized I had a bit of money laying around. Of course, I tried buying some new skinny jeans (a sad story for a later time) and hit up Forever 21. It was there that I found some clothing mysteries. Luckily for me, Sherlock Holmes just came out and mysteries are very popular at the moment. Maybe you could help?

Mystery 1:

I definitely have a thing for gathered skirts. I saw one on a mannequin that was just like this:

Except it had a piece around the waist and suspenders, like this skirt:

I was instantly in love with it and, after hunting a bit myself, asked the pseudo-friendly sales staff to help me track it down. They reluctantly stopped their loud conversation about oral sex preferences to spend about five minutes walking around the store, and then disappeared back to their areas. I assumed that meant they couldn't find it.

I can't find it on the F21 website, which is a weird first. My question is, even if I track this puppy down, is there a way to wear this that wouldn't look totally ridiculous? I'm all for dressing outside the box, but I still live in Kansas/Missouri. I might have to play in Polyvore with that one.

Mystery 2:

Another item that I can't seem to locate on the F21 site. This is getting spooky. Also annoying, as I now have to charge my camera and show you what I mean:

I bought this dress. I was kind of hoping to wear it to work, as well as on weekends and for light parties. The first thing Matt (hereafter referred to as "my friend Matt") said was that it looks like a schoolgirl costume*. That presented a problem.

I have done the arm check- put mine down by my sides and pointed my hands- the skirt easily passes. It's long enough for work. But it gives the illusion that it's shorter than it is. Am I deluding myself in thinking that tights, leggings, boots, or all of the above can make this casual-work appropriate? Now that I'm looking at the photos, I'm thinking it just isn't going to happen.

*Matt and I did not break up because he called my new dress a schoolgirl costume. Though he did get a face.


  1. The first item sounds intriguing and I do hope you find it! Have you tried the other F21s in the area? I think we have three (Legends, Oak Park, and Zona Rosa).
    And um, I gave up caring what people think of me a long time ago! Lol. I've noticed if you wear something really cool/bizarre, amidst the strange looks you will get a few people who appreciate your style! :P
    I really like the second dress, but it does look shorter b/c it's layered. I don't think it looks too short on you though and I don't see why you couldn't wear it to work, especially if you wear it with leggings or dark tights. I think it's perfect! :)

    Side note: did you hear about the new giant F21 going up in the Plaza this spring? Just thinking about it gives me chills. I think it would be cool if it had a men's department. I'm dying to dress my boyfriend for cheap! Lol.

  2. PS. I forgot to mention how cute that jacket is with the second dress. It goes perfectly!

  3. The second outfit is really cute, but depending on your job, I wouldn't consider it a work outfit.

  4. Someone should start a forum for posting all the crazy things that happen to you once you enter forever 21! hahah. customer service. hahahah.

    I really like the ruffle skirt, and couldn't you just find some suspenders and attach them? I acually really like it without (darn, now I'll have to buy it!)

    I think it's the porportions of the dress that make it look short - with the psuedo cardigan hitting so far below the waist, the skirt looks truncated. Leggings certianly help, but if you are questioning it's work aproprateness, you probably shouldn't wear it.

    Glad your shopping again ;)

  5. I have been looking for a similar skirt in a light color, I've seen ones in black at h&m too.

  6. I'm glad to see you back! The skirt/suspender combo sounds interesting. I'm not surprised the staff couldn't help, though! It's horrible in that store. I don't even think the staff knows where to put things away. The cardi/dress looks a little too short because the cardigan is so long that it makes it look like you're wearing an itty bitty mini skirt. The combo is cute though. I'd wear it on weekends with thick tights.

  7. Why would you need to go somewhere else to dress the way you want to?


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