Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Leatha.

Just a few (very simple) outfits I've been wearing lately. I've been trying a lot of cute stuff, but failing utterly to snap pictures. Clearly, a tripod is in my future.

The second is obviously my new leather skirt. I got it at a local vintage store and I'm thrilled with it. Seems somehow appropriate that my first leather skirt should be bright orange. I ended up wearing it out in brown boots. I felt all night like I should have a handkerchief around my neck and start drag races with flag.

Also awesome about the tripod- I can stop taking photos of my face Myspace-style in a dirty mirror:

I feel like this picture should have a list of my favorite bands and a few quirky quotes about me under it. Ah well.


  1. The skirt looks great! Who doesn't love a little bright orange?

    Hahah, myspace photo. I love your eyeliner - I'm trying to get over my fear of black eyeliner, but it always seems so intense when I put it on.

  2. What a great skirt! I love the color! I'm cracking up about myspace photos. I used to have so many of those taken in mirrors! Haha!

  3. I really like the leather skirt - it's a fantastic color!

    And you're way too pretty for MySpace.

  4. hot hot hot skirt. and look at you, gorgeous thing! i just found a comment from you and how could i have missed it?? count me in ;)


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