Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Attempting Relaxation.

I spent the last four hours of my workday answering customer emails full of questions and concerns. While PMS-ing. On the way home, tired and grouchy and guilty because I was blowing off the gym, my car was almost hit by a giggling cheerleader (I saw both the giggling and the sticker on her car) not paying attention and experimenting with illegal lane changes.

To zen myself, I could clean my apartment. Instead, I intend to sit on my couch, watch tv, and plan what I'm packing for my upcoming trip to Boston. I bought a new leather duffel bag very much in the style of that messenger bag I'm still questing for. I'm so jazzed about it I keep trying to pack it now...

This is what my night looks like. Note the inclusion of my apartment (mmm, couch) and a bottle of my favorite wine.

My Night

The bag is a really pretty, rugged leather. It was originally almost $200, but it's on sale for just $60, with free shipping. I'm pretty excited about it!


  1. Damn those teenager drivers. On another note, I love it when USA has a Law And Order SVU marathon. That's my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon!

    BTW - I gave you an award on my blog. I'm so glad you found my blog cause I'm loving yours.

  2. Love the duffel, it's so rugged, yet if carried with that outfit you picked out, it would be impossibly chic.

    Damn teenage drivers.

  3. Hahaha, I would almost be a teenage driver except I failed the behind-the-wheel twice. Good thing I'm not on the road.

  4. Ugh - I hate teen drivers! And I feel like such an old lady when I curse them under my breath for cutting me off.

    The duffle bag is beautiful! It's one of those things that's just going to get better and better as it ages.


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