Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Shortlist.

Today I was supposed to go to the Chief's football game with my rabid fan boyfriend. My week has been so hectic that I told him I needed a break- a day to lay around and relax. He was happy to go with a buddy, and I'm still happily in my pajamas, watching DVR'ed episodes of Launch My Line and catching up on Blogland.

I've had four or five things I've wanted to post about in the last week or so, but rather than dump them on you all at once, or space them out in any logical fashion, here's a bullet list.

1. I am getting unreasonably obsessed with that furry hat. You know, this one. I'm assuming by now everyone and their mother is getting sick of it, but I think it's completely weird and adorable, and I've wanted one for at least a year. I'm probably going on a hat hunt today once shower and pants time happens for me.

2. Launch My Line is kind of a weird show. I don't have much to add to Fashion Me Fabulous's reviews. I love to watch fashion shows, but it seems needlessly structured and too full of drama. Tons of arbitrary rules, tons of divas. Are you watching this with me?

3. A few days ago I bought my sister a Christmas present so cool, I broke my flimsy clothing shopping ban (see hat, above) that I got myself some too. Hers are black, mine are this cool heathered gray. I intend to experiment with them today.

4. For all those readers constantly flooding my inbox with the question: What would you look like if you had a moustache? Well, you're in luck. Last week, I went to a moustache party. Dramatic pose:


  1. Oh- love the mustache - your gonna love this new necklace I soon.

  2. Those leg warmers are FABULOUS! :) And your mustache pics are hilarious. You did a great job! I wish I could go to a mustache party. It sounds like fun. Lol.

  3. Just when you think you've heard if everything someone goes and has a mustache party! The eyebrow is adorable!

    I love those furry trapper hats too. I have one, yet every time I see one I try it on and want to buy it. Have you seen the full furry one at H&M?

  4. I love your blog! your title is genious!!

    Your new follower,


  5. You're still so feminine with a mustache - you lucky girl, you. Remember to post photos of those legwarmers! They're brimming with potential!

  6. LOVE the blazer. can u believe i still don't have such a blazer until now? i feel so...outdated T_T

  7. (Your comment to my cookie post cracked me up! I could see myself falling on the apron, so it's not totally unrealistic!)

  8. Sparkly mustache anyone?


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