Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Gasp of Air.

Work is kicking my ass this week. It's all I can do to keep up with my favorite blogs at the moment. I definitely have some photos to post and things to get excited about, whenever I do get some time.

Speaking of excited, how are we feeling about the new Amazon linking feature? I personally love the  potential to make a little money on a blog without dousing it in ugly, largely unrelated ads. Plus, I'm always linking something or other on Amazon, and can see myself buying things I see on other people's blogs if they were to link. It's a pretty clever idea.

I've been wearing a lot of uninspired remixes- today I threw on a blazer because I wanted to look put together at work. I'm having my annual review with my old and new bosses at the end of the day. I'm nervous about it.

 Not really like this at all- my office isn't pretty, and my bosses aren't evil.

As you may have gathered, I've been a bit stressed and down lately. Luckily, I'm never too busy at work to take a quick peek at ModCloth, and that always cheers me up. I asked for several ModCloth items for Christmas, which usually means I get a giftcard. Here's a few things that would make my list today, were my gift card from a very, very generous Santa:

The stole reminds me of one more thing that I'm coveting at the moment- muffs (try Googling that, though- I dare you).

This one on Etsy has me all mushy inside. It's fake fur, and even has pockets inside! As soon as the Christmas money lockdown has subsided, this little guy is getting snapped up. Both this muff and a good pair of dark, skinny jeans are on my splurge list come January. The muff reminds me of the one I had for my American Girl Samantha doll growing up. I am beyond excited for it.

What do you think? It is too weird for you to consider using it every day?


  1. I signed up for amazon affiliates a few weeks ago but haven't used it yet. I'm not sure how I feel about putting adds on my blog. It would be great if I could earn money, but I also feel like it creates this weird pressure, like I'm trying to force someone to buy something.

    Maybe I'll try it out though.

    Good luck with your job, and I hope all the things you want stay in stock through the holidays!

    The red booties are super cute. I'm putting them on my list.

  2. After reading your post, I already scuttled off and made a link! But it's making me want to buy the item I chose to feature - a gorgeous navy nail polish. This is not going to go well for me! I added the Google ads too just see what they looked like, but they're stupid. I'm giving it one more week and then they're getting booted.

    I hope your review went well! And you better get those studded boots - sassy!

    Aaaaand the muff is fantastic. You need it. 'nuff said.

  3. I might have to try that Amazon link thing. I haven't used ads my blog before, mainly because of what LyddieGal said (the pressure for my readers when I mainly do my blog b/c I love it). But linking to a fabulous item would be less pressure than having my blog scream to people they can shed 90 pounds in two days with acai berries or something. Ha.
    I love all the modcloth items you posted, especially those red heels and the blue bag. You have excellent taste. :)

    Omg and muffs. YES! Love them.


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