Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adventures at the Museum.

On Thursday, Matt and I went to the museum. It really helped cheer me up.

I've only been to the Nelson-Atkins once before, and I was so fascinated by the European Renaissance art that I spent my entire visit in about three rooms. I had seen a few things that really stuck with me, and was thrilled to learn this time that I was allowed to take photos so long as I didn't use flash.

I didn't bother trying to take many photos of the full pieces, as it doesn't make a very nice picture:

So instead, I took snippets. Huge post ahead.

Can you imagine these shoes as closed-toed, high heel, knee-high boots? I could wear them with my red vintage dress, like this:

Yes, I am finding fashion ideas in a religious moral painting. Bad?

I take less blurry photos than...

... Matt does.

She is supposed to be a modern-day Persephone...

... who has killer shoes.

Here is where I totally geeked out:

This was done by John Singer Sargent, who also painted the scandalous Madame X portrait. I've been reading a fantastic book about him and Madame X (Amelie Gatreau) and have gotten a bit obsessed with the subject. I went a bit nuts when I looked over at the plate and realized I was admiring his work. See, now I'm torn, because I want to push you to read the book but don't want to seem like I'm shoe-horning in an Amazon link. Ah well.

The book truly is fantastic. It talks about Sargent's path as an artist and Amelie's as a famous beauty, and the racy portrait he painted of her (with a dangling shoulder strap!!!!) that shocked Paris. It destroyed her reputation, and nearly ended his career.


  1. I love that museum! I feel so lucky we have a place that cool in KC, especially with it being FREE. :P
    I used to go there all the time when I went to UMKC but haven't been there in ages since then. This post kind of makes me wanna go again soon!
    Omg omg omg I need to read that book!! You have me hooked, even without the link. Hehe. ;)

  2. I too am guilty of photographing paintings based simply on the clothing in them...

    Your red bag is so cute!

  3. I'm also one of the guilty ones who gets fashion ideas from paintings! At least we're being inspired by something other than a glossy magazine? ;-) Happy Holidays!


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