Wednesday, December 9, 2009


When I was in college, I was definitely a party girl. Not THAT girl, mind you, but I did feel remiss if I didn't go out drinking and dancing at least once a week. I'm not the type to pass up an opportunity to get dressed up and be around lots of people.

Of course, there were always obstacles. My best friend lived near the bar scene, but it was a bit of a walk. There were no coat rooms at our bars, so we would park a car near the bar area and use it as a place to store our coats (never, ever driving afterwards- just a using it as a closet we could walk back and forth to). Also, walking a few blocks to the bars, a night of dancing, a few blocks back to her apartment... heels were a bit killer.

Eventually, I developed a system. I would bring a big enough purse for my heels, and drop in a pair of flip flops in a plastic bag. At 1 in the morning, drunk, foot comfort trumps fashion. I would switch them out, putting the heels into the plastic bag to save my purse from inevitable bar funk.

I wish I had known about CitiSoles! I just read about them over at Cafe Fashionista about a month ago and bought them for the afore-mentioned best friend. They're ballet flats that come in a small carrying case. When you're aching, you just bust them out, slip them on, and their little case pulls out to become a tote bag for your heels. Genius.

After Christmas, when my bank account recovers, I'll have to buy a pair and tell you how it goes.


  1. brilliant! I look forward to a review :)

  2. I've heard of these! :) I've actually been waiting for a fashion blogger to buy them and review them before I get a pair. Lol. So I'm really happy to see this post!

  3. This is genius! I don't go out often anymore, but these are perfect to store in the car for unexpected long nights!

  4. I got some from Fit In Clouds a few months ago, so awesome!

  5. Such a good idea -- though it's almost sad to think we need emergency shoes because we've spent the night killing our feet just to look good. And even in knowing this, we and we still wont stop.

    Have you heard of Rollasole? The same concept only they are sold in vending machines at night clubs in the UK!

  6. i use the same heels-to-flipflop strategy too! works like a charm :D

  7. Hi Robin! These are pretty much the best invention, evar.

  8. Men have it soo much easier...


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