Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Shouldn't, Right?

What would you wear these with? Help me justify them, please!


  1. I think the real question is....what WOULDN'T you wear with them?

  2. Those are so adorable. So. So. So. Everyone needs shoes, they are essential to getting from point a to point b. Think about spring fashion, and how you'd wear them every day and how perfect your outfits would be with them.

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  4. Holy crap. I agree with Fashion Therapist. Wear those with EVERYTHING. Seriously. If I owned those babies, I would wear them to the grocery store. So. Effing. Fabulous.

  5. Oh my... this isn't a shoe. This is a necessity.

  6. What a wonderful pair of shoes! They are so whimsical! I think I would wear it with a long black tiered skirt or a skirt with some floaty material so that it can peek out of the skirt and wow the world. Well if all else fails, you can always go safe and pair it with a black dress because THAT pair of shoes speak for itself! And hello, it's my first time here!

  7. What a classic with a sassy twist. I'm pretty sure Fashion therapist said it all but heres my hint I would never wear them with baggy pants or anything else that would cover those pretty style. Thats it.

  8. They are gorgeous! you should definitely get them :) I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I want to follow but cant find the google connect link and the "follow" button at the top of the page doesn't work properly :(

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