Friday, July 23, 2010


A short rundown of the products/companies/pieces I love, the ones that I am not a fan of, and the ones that I’m still not quite sure about.


I am absolutely smitten with Klorane dry shampoo. I have naturally oily skin, and a little while back I got bangs. I did not anticipate the weird problem this would create. By about 5 every day, my bangs would become a visibly greasy mess. Nothing horrifying, but pretty unappealing. I resigned myself to the idea that I may have to take a shower each day after work in order to go out, but then I found Klorane.

Klorane dry shampoo absolutely delivers. I spray a bit into my hair, focusing especially on my bangs. I have dark hair, so it does leave a powdery white residue that I just comb out. I also noticed if I spray the bottom side of my hair, I can skip this step. This stuff wildly exceeded my expectations- my hair is fluffy, light and clean within minutes. I cannot say enough good things about this product. The only downside is that one can is $18 at my local Sephora, and I use this pretty much daily. I’m looking for a cheaper brand at the moment, hoping to find something affordable and comparable.


Threads 4 Thought organic cotton tees. These are made by an eco-conscious company making sustainable apparel. While this makes me high five myself (tricky), I would buy these tees at Walmart if that's where I had to go. I practically live in them. I actually discovered my first one in TJ Maxx- I bought it off the sale rack for $5 and wore it until it fell apart. I tracked the company down, knowing I'd need more immediately. They are thin, super soft, and ridiculously comfortable. The website claims that this is possibly the best fitting tee on the planet, and I absolutely agree. The best part? They're just $10 apiece. How can you beat that? I have them in 4 different colors, with every intent to buy more. The site has some other really pretty clothing, but I haven't branched out yet.


These American Eagle flip flops. Normally, American Eagle has extremly comfortable leather sandals- I go there every year and get a pair that lasts until next year (after that they start to look pretty sad, but remain comfortable). These were a very rare miss. The straps have a peculair way of cutting into my toes- it's hard to wear them even to run to my mailbox. Ouch.


I heard a lot of good things about Bare Escentuals face primer, so I gave it a shot and bought a bottle on Ebay for around $11. I thought I really got a steal, until the ridiculously tiny bottle arrived. I've had great experiences with the foundation and thought this would make a big difference, but I'm still kind of on the fence. I've been using it all week and can't tell a huge difference. My makeup does stay a bit longer, but is it really worth the price? Hm. (note: the bottle pictured is bigger than the one I bought, which I suspect is a sample.)


  1. I have heard such good things about dry shampoo and now your review has me even more curious to try it myself...

    And those tees do look comfy. I'm always in need of new t-shirts. I will definitely have to check those out!

    I'm sorry about the crappy sandals. I hate it when shoes are painful. I especially hate it when the shoes seem comfortable in the store but then you find out later on they are painful to walk in. Ugh.

    I hope you have a great weekend! xo

  2. That makes me sad to hear those sandals are uncomfortable, I had my eye on them and so wanted the gold ones!

    Dry shampoo is something I've been wanting to try for a while, my hair is super oily, and super dark, and I've been worried about the white powderyness.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Dry shampoo always blows my mind - and I've convinced myself that it simply couldn't work! I might need to pick up a can. When I have post-work events to attend to, I'd love to give my hair a pick-me-up.

  4. Just stumbled on your blog! :) May I say that your blog name is, um, AMAZING. Maybe I'm sleepy, but it made me giggle. A lot.

    And that organic t-shirt sounds AMAZING. Go green or go home! And I've been so dubious about Dry Shampoo. I'll have to check 'er out now!

    Check out mine?

  5. I am a big primer user, it makes your foundation stay on better and last longer because you end up using way less of it. I came to the same conclusion about this one though and I buy mine at CVS now, Rimmel and Carmindy both make good ones that last a while.

    xoxo, Ashley

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