Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Some Eye Candy.

I was just trolling around, obsessing about convertible dresses again when I saw this. My heart actually fluttered.

Best in black and white stripes, but look how cute when you wiggle the straps down!

I love that beautiful clothes actually give me the same lurch that I used to get when I saw a crush in the hall in high school.

Also, I saw a girl at work today with her nails painted robin's egg blue- rapidly becoming my favorite color. I keep daydreaming of short, elegantly shaped pale blue/green nails...

photo courtesy blogdorf goodman


  1. I do love it in the black and white!!
    And the blue nails are so fun, perhaps I'll go for blue this weekend.

  2. Haha geisha feet? I don't get it! I will love them either way! I've had my blog for awhile now, thanks for finally checking it out jerk! Hehe but really, thanks for the comments. ps: I LURV funky nail polish colors!

  3. wow, that is really pretty. a lot for a dress IMO but it IS awfully nice.

    i can never bring myself to try the more out-there nail colors. but this is really pretty!

    oh, hey, not to be a pain but you've got my old blog (thrifty stylist boston) over in the blogroll and it redirects nowhere. i'd be so grateful if you'd pop in the new url :D (

    gracias :D

  4. AHH, I love black and white dresses so that's like sdaifshjdfjhsd AMAZING. <3

  5. LOVE the striped dress and ur nail color! I cant wait until I can paint my nails again :D

  6. that stripped dress is so the upgrade to your stripped boob dress. yep...that's right i called it the boob dress.

  7. Great polish color! The dress is fab in black and white. Can I get enough stripes in my life? Nope.


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