Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Because I Can Never Have Too Many of These Posts...

I absolutely need my paycheck tomorrow, not next Thursday. The reason? Isn't it always Modcloth?

Thing I need:  Perfect Work Shoes- $34.99
Thin justification: I've been looking for THE closed-toe black work pump for a while. This is vegan and I really prefer leather, but I figure for this cheap I could give it a try. I am smitten with that heel.

Thing I need: Daisy Earrings $11.99
Thin justification: I fell in love with an almost identical pair at a local store here, but didn't want to pay the $24 they wanted for them. Much better price!

Thing I need: Octopus necklace - $14.99
Thin justification: I love octopus jewelry!

Thing I need: Purple dress - $47.99
Thin justification:  Okay, fessing up, I really don't need this at all. I just want it. I just bought a short purple dress yesterday!


  1. I disagree. You do need the purple dress. It is in fact, Impossible to have too many cute dresses. You wake up, don't know what to wear, stare in to the abyss of the closet and finally decide a on a cute little dress and wonder why you don't just buy 365 and wear one every day.

  2. lurveee the dress! get it get it get it :) and hello daisy earrings...come to mama :D

  3. Omg. That octopus necklace. I die.


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