Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've been going through some rough patches lately and I never wanted this blog to be a sad place, so I've been leaving it alone until I felt a bit happier.

Well, still a bit lost, but bit more like myself the last few days. I finally figured out how to do a nice wing with liquid eyeliner and I've been amusing myself by trying them at different levels of exaggeration at work and going out.

Lately I bought myself a countertop dishwasher and the thing is huge. I have no idea what I was thinking. If I can motivate myself and lug the thing to FedEx and return it, I may reward myself with these:

They're ridiculous and like nothing own, but I've loved them since first sight. They're too expensive, but hey, if I return the dishwasher that I bought with birthday money... Actually, no. They're out of my size. Drat. Back to the drawing board!

Recently I DID buy these, for about $30, and I've worn them almost every day. They're super comfortable.

I can dress them down or up, they are simple and sleek and my new best friends. I've been getting brown leather flip flops from AE for years, but these are much more stylish. And lucky you, if you're interested! They're on sale at the moment.


  1. Oh yes, those wedges are drool-worthy. maybe they will come back in stock. If it were me, I would be checking the page every hour - which reminds me, I have some shoes to check on...

    The eyeliner looks so cool, I need to get better at that!

    Good to see you again!

  2. Love the eyeliner. Did you use a makeup book or just figure it out on your own? I've been playing around with eyeliner too lately, but mostly just experimenting with different colors. :)

    Love those wedges. I'm sorry they don't have your size. What a bummer. The flip flops are super classy and fab though. I might have to look into getting a pair myself!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. I hope things are looking up for you, dear. I've missed you around these parts!

    You did a fantastic job with your eyeliner. I've tired this before, but I always feel too self conscious to leave the house with it!

    I'm bummed that the wedges aren't in your size! But at least you scored some adorable sandals! (And good luck hauling the dishwasher back!)


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